08 Oct 2014

Google Updates, Links, Content Marketing: @JimBoykin at #Pubcon

If you rank for a commercial phrase, you are much more likely to be under radar (the more valuable phrase, the more chances are you may be penalized)

The data takes time to refresh.

Panda Updates


Penguin Updates


(Penguin 3.0 is due any time now. October, 4 is the last time Google made a Penguin refresh.)

Monitor your links, do pre-emptive link pruning and Disavow.

Don’t use services that guarantee to get you out of Penguin update for cheap! Read more about this here

Payday Loan Updates


Those updates target all commercial phrases (high cost-per-click volume + high search volume. Use Spyfu to identify those)

Page Layout


Ads above the fold…

Pigeon Update


Local search results

Hummingbird Update

(September 26 2013)


More Updates


A few words about Google Authorship update:

What can I do to send good signals to Search Engines?

Google will always value what others say about you more than what you are saying about yourself. To get real citations: real-citations

Become a big brand! Brands win in almost any update! Identify niche influencers and approach them!


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