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Google Panda Update – A Overview of Analytics of 5 Panda II Affected Sites.

I happen to have 5 screenshots of 5 sites that were hit by Panda II. I thought that others might want to see this overview information as well, so I thought I’d post them (client identities are protected). I’ve having issues publishing images to the old blog here…so I turned this post into a PDF document.

Click here to see a PDF document showing an overview of Google Analytics for 5 sites that were hit by Panda II.

I have much more to say about the Google Panda Update…but don’t have the time to say it now…will talk more later.

oh, and I was interviewed by WebProNews as well in this Panda article about Bounce Rate and the Panda Update



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  1. Jim, thanks for your insightful comments. One question though, I’m just not seeing what you’re seeing in terms of the multi-day dropoff of traffic from Panda II. Looking at your charts, from what can be seen, each day looks identical to the same day of the previous week, until you get to Monday, April 11. That when the bottom drops out. It seems like a one-day event. It’s true that there is a downward pattern in the few days before April 11, but that’s just the typical weekly pattern.

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