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5 Simple But Effective Visual Marketing Tools

There are so many visual marketing tools out there that it is turning what used to be a rather arduous task into a simple process anyone can do in half the time. No one has a single excuse for why they aren’t implementing visuals of all kinds into they social media and website content. It is just so easy these days, and it takes hardly any effort at all.

But not all tools are made the same, and some processes such as making videos are still very labor intensive. What I wanted to focus on here are those applications that don’t require much work, yet provide fun results.

Here are five simple but effective visual marketing tools for image specific formats.

1. Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover

Quotes Cover is an interesting tool. You are making simple visual representations of famous or personal quotes. You can add photos to the background, change the color, select a font and customize the size. It is available for different styles like Timeline covers, status image uploads, and even print like posters.

All you have to do is either select one of the quotes they have in their large database or put in your own custom one. Then follow the steps to make everything look just the way you want it. Finally, download the image for free and use it for whatever you like. People love text quotes, especially on sites like Pinterest, so this is a great one for sharable visuals.

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2. Loupe


Loupe lets you create a card or collage using any photos you select. They will be shaped into a picture of your choice, such as a tulip or heart made up of all the images you have chosen to include. They have some pretty creative options, like a woman jumping in the air, or a cupid and heart.

The more photos you use, the more complex the shape can be. You can also make a card using your mouth to write the message. Feeling a little playful? Try their Where’s Waldo style photo hunt game. It is more addictive than you might expect.

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3. Social Media Image Re-sizer

Social Media Image Re-sizer

Social Media Image Re-sizer allows you to customize your own creative Timeline cover for Facebook. This is great for making personalized headers for your official brand page.

You will be able to really stand out, no matter what you end up choosing to go with. Just drag and drop, that is all there is to it.

4. PicMonkey


PicMonkey lets you make a simple collage using your own images, sample images or pictures you find online. Arrange them using their pre-made templates, add colors, edit and add text, put in tags and more. Then save, download and share them with others through social networks.

This one is so easy to use, and the end results actually look pretty good. You could make up a series of these in minutes and have them on hand to share when you need a bit of eye candy to boost your content.

5. Piktochart


Infographics are really being used a lot these days, and that isn’t a shock given how much they offer by way of both visuals and information. You can create your own, as well as presentations, interactive charts and videos using Piktochart.

Check out the ones already published to the site by the community for inspiration, and make something really dynamic and attractive, even if you have no graphic design skills to speak of.

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Further reading:

Visual marketing isn’t just the way of the future, it is what is being used today. Users online expect to be dazzled, or at least to have more than straight text.

You can give them what they want while engaging on a more meaningful level using the simple tools above. It takes less time than doing it all manually, and it is all free.

Have some tools to add to the list? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to include a link!


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