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Facebook Ads, Facebook Authorship, Facebook Traffic: Jim & Ann Show

The Internet Marketing is evolving: There are huge companies that are switching there strategies towards other traffic channels apart from Google search traffic.

Facebook can make a huge difference when it comes to getting clicks, especially when you try Facebook ads.

Facebook ads

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Facebook ads are very cheap but there’s one thing you need to remember about that:

  • Facebook traffic usually doesn’t convert into sales (Facebook users are not there to buy, so your ad is a distraction!) unless you are lucky enough to come across an impulse shopper
  • Facebook traffic is best to convert into leads (To target them later)
  • Facebook traffic can be monetized through Google (or other PPC platforms) and we’ve seen A LOT of sites doing that recently

Facebook re-marketing can be quite effective (unless that becomes annoying): You can target your site visitors on Facebook offering them coupons, deals, etc. The fact that they already visited your site can be a good incentive to buy.

Facebook Authorship

Facebook Authorship

Facebook authorship was announced a few days ago.

Journalists and bloggers will soon be able to utilize a new feature to stay connected with their readers and reach new audiences. When users click through a news item in their News Feed, they’ll find a “follow” or “like” button for the author of the article at the bottom of the News Feed box for that particular story.

Hopefully Facebook will be able to pick up where Google left it, especially if the rumor is true and Facebook is planning to launch a search engine any time soon.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on implementing Facebook authorship for Drupal, WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, WiX and SBI.

Watch the whole video here: Facebook Marketing with @JimBoykin and @AnnSmarty

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