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How to Build an Effective Digital Marketing Team with Truman Hedding

Building an efficient digital marketing team is tough!

There are all those choices: Should I hire someone with experience? Should I train in-house? What’s more affordable? What will give better results in the long run? How to hire the right people?

To discuss building and managing an effective digital marketing team, Jim Boykin, founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Ann Smarty, IMN’s analyst, were joined by Truman Hedding, the branding expert with years of digital marketing experience.

Truman Hedding is a growth hacker, PPC  and video marketing expert, speaker and a successful agency founder.

There a re basically to scenarios here:

  • You own a huge corporation which can afford an in-house solid digital marketing team
  • You operate a small to medium-sized business and cannot really spend too much money on training and managing a large digital marketing team

In both of those scenarios, you need people you can trust.

Trust is very important, so you need to find people you can trust.

To hire the right people, you need to create a questionnaire that makes sense. Ask someone you know in the digital marketing space to create those questions. These will help you identify of the person you are trying to hire really knows a lot and has a real experience.

You need at least one person on your team that has a lot of experience.

Once you have one right person, you can decide whether he/she can train or whether hiring people with experience.
Keep in mind that training takes time, resources and marketing spend, so you may need to build the core of your team first before you start the training process.

At Internet Marketing Ninjas we are hiring people with zero experience as we have an established training system.


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