02 Jan 2013

What is Normal Bounce Rate? (Weekly Q&A)

Bounce rateThere’s an interesting discussion over at SEOchat forums discussing bounce rate.

While the question does have too many “it depends”, it’s quite a valid one. Many website owners, looking into their Google Analytics numbers, must be asking themselves the same thing: When am I supposed to get worried about my bounce rate numbers?

Generally Speaking…

In the thread, Trevor Stolber outlines the general numbers:

A bounce rate of

50% or less is excellent
60-70% is typical
70-80% is poor
80%+ is very bad

Of course, keep in mind there’s no such a thing as a “perfect bounce rate”…

The Word of Wisdom…

In another discussion, Tedster puts it nicely:

Bounce rate (as determined by standard analytics packages) is a notoriously challenging metric. I’ve seen a high performing page with a bounce rate of 85% – and this was a page with 750,000 search visits per week from 4 very competitive query terms!

Another discussion elaborates on different types of sites having different types of “normal” bounce rate:

news, entertainment, sports,etc. should have lower bounce rates. Feature websites that perform specific actions (eg: weather.com ) should have higher bounce rate.

In a word, it’s nothing to go crazy about unless you see the number suddenly go up dramatically (which usually happens after the redesign).

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