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What Is Conversion Rate Optimization with Truman Hedding

Conversion rate optimization is something that has been brought up more and more often these days.

But what exactly is conversion rate optimization (CRO) and what does it have to do with SEO?

To discuss conversion rate optimization, Jim Boykin, founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Ann Smarty, IMN’s analyst, were joined by Truman Hedding, the branding expert with years of digital marketing experience.

Truman Hedding is a growth hacker, PPC  and video marketing expert, speaker and a successful agency founder.

In the early days of SEO, all we cared was a keyword and where our page was ranking. There was no universal search and no personalization.

As the search engine algorithms have become smarter and consumers have become web savvier, getting people to the site is no longer enough. You need to build pages that will engage them into actions.

Conversion rate optimization is getting people to take an action on the page.

While SEO and PPC are bringing people to the site, CRO is there to convince them to become your customers.

Conversion optimization has become much harder over the years.

Consumers have become smarter.

It often takes 20 seconds for a person to make a decision.

Conversion rate optimization is a step-by-step process in which you break different elements of a page down in an effort to convince a user to make a decision based on the changes you make to those elements.

FigPii is a great tool to understand what people are doing on your page, what engages them and what distracts them or drives them away from your page.  FigPii uses heatmaps, polls, A/B testing and session recording to help you optimize your page for higher conversions.

One of the proven ways to increase on-page conversions is to embed a video on that page.

Headlines are also very important. You need to keep testing layouts and headlines to improve your conversions. Test one element at a time to be able to accurately measure the impact.

These days mobile optimization is crucial: Don’t forget to optimize the mobile conversions of your site.

Don’t forget to look at your competitors and identify methods they use to convert their users into customers.

But above all, give your customers the value they deserve. Think what they may want and need to find on your page and build your page accordingly.

You need to get into the minds of your consumers and create a page they will find valuable. Invest time into understanding your target audience and building buyers’ personas.

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