Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog is Back! Less Noise, More Signal

It brings me great pleasure to announce that we’re bringing back with “Less Noise, More Signal”!

We’re releasing the site pretty much just as it was when the site stopped years ago, with the addition of some social buttons. Perhaps later we’ll edit the looks and functions…but for now, it’s just as it was….like it never stopped…and FYI, all the old content and post will always stay there (I’d never remove the old content)….there’s some gems in there as Todd pointed out last week.

I have enlisted the help of 14 other editors to help bring important industry news/ideas to the community, as well as we’re always happy to have anyone/everyone suggest or submit stories to Threadwatch as well.

With the help of everyone (editors and contributors), I hope Threadwatch can once again be a great resource for those in the Internet marketing community. Thank you Aaron for giving us the chance to bring Threadwatch back!

I’m Feeling Lucky!

Official Press Release: is Back! “Less Noise, More Signal”

In an effort to revive as an Internet marketing resource, owner Aaron Wall has turned the marketing news website over to Jim Boykin and his team of internet marketers to breathe new life into what was once a very thriving Internet marketing news and communities’ resource.

Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas (IMN), Developer Shed, and owner of Cre8asiteForums and, has been gifted ownership of, by Aaron Wall of Boykin, along with several other highly respected editors, plans to revive what was once an extremely popular Internet marketing news site and community. Wall will remain involved with the website as one of the editors.

Wall, who had originally acquired from Nick Wilson, in 2005 later closed the website in June of 2007,  has handpicked Boykin to guide ThreadWatch into a new era, stating, “I had many purchase requests over the years from people wanting to buy ThreadWatch, but held out on those. Now, I have given the site to Jim, because I believe he will do his best to make ThreadWatch the best it can be.”

“I’m excited to bring back ThreadWatch,” said Boykin, “it was my favorite resource on Internet Marketing for years, and with the help of many, we’re going to work to breathe new life into the community. At first, we’re going to release the site just as it was years ago, then after a few months. We’ll start updating the site to be more modern and more social.”

To assist in the revival of ThreadWatch, Boykin has assembled a team of Internet marketing experts to serve as the editors and provide valuable insight in their areas of expertise. The new ThreadWatch team of editors includes: Jim Boykin, Aaron Wall, Ann Smarty, Ted Ulle, Matt McGowan, Roger Dooly, Jason Duke, Michael Gray, Shawn Collins, Joe Hall, Jeremy Schoemaker, Barry Schwartz, Bill Hartzer, Dave Naylor, and Dixon Jones. Together this team will transition this changing of the guard, update the community and provide insight into many different areas of search engine optimization and marketing.

Prior to being taken control of by Aaron Wall in 2005, was operated by founder Nick Wilson. Wilson built up the site to be one of the top industry news sites in less than a year and saw a surge of community activity. Under the ownership of Wall, the website continued to be successful, but closed in 2007. Once transformed by Boykin and his team, will be the premiere Internet marketing community, providing resources, up-to-date information, and valuable SEO insight to help community members expand their industry knowledge and explore new marketing possibilities. Largely driven by the community itself, ThreadWatch will bring together experts from many different areas of Internet marketing.

About Jim Boykin
In 1999, Jim Boykin started his career in Internet marketing by founding his company, We Build Pages (WBP); which rebranded in 2011, under the name Internet Marketing Ninjas (IMN). IMN is a full service Internet marketing company, located in upstate New York. With a team of approximately 100 trained, in-office marketing ninjas, with expertise in SEO analysis, link-building, content development, social media, usability/conversion analysis, reputation management, and local marketing, the company continues to grow and develop. In 2012, Kris Jones, Kim Krause Berg, Ann Smarty, and Joe Hall joined the IMN executive staff. Boykin has also recently acquired the Developer Shed Network of web properties, Cre8asiteforums, and WebmasterWorld.

View the entire press release online here.


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    1. Hey Nick! Awesome to see you around and haven’t talked to you for a while! I hope you are doing great!

  1. Hi Jim – doing well thanks. Been of the radar for a while in this job but starting to get back out again now. It’s really good seeing your progress over there, it’s well deserved.

  2. Congrats, i’ll be following the site, i’ll hope it brings more value to my “out of proportion” rss reading portfolio 😉

  3. Jim, you’ve made a lot of folks smile with this news. TW has been missed, and with the dynamic editors group you’ve assembled, it should be a bustling community again in no time.

  4. Are new user sign ups disabled? I tried Firefox, Chromium (Lubuntu 12.10) and even IE6 on Windows 2000. It appears to work on the dev side but no confirmation email results.

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