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SEO Poker Game – I overslept, and Dan won.

Sorry I missed the SEO Poker Tournament put on by Quadzilla. I had one of the bussiest weeks at work that I’ve ever had, and ended up sleeping for 12.5 hours last night. By the time I got online today I had missed it.

I heard that Dan (Kloakit, I hate Google) won.

I also heard that Abhilash was razzing some "Jim" who was playing (thinking it was me), but it sounds like that Jim got the best of Abhilash in the end. (next time Abhilash, and I’ll be the "Jim" talking smack back 😉 )

I’ll make sure next time not to oversleep, and I should be able to donate some content creation (publically being released Very soon (watch for ads soon)) for the next tournament as well.

Again, sorry I missed this one – next time!

Congrats again Dan!

Read about the game here.


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  1. Dang me – missed it to (but by design, I’m not a poker player really). Congrats to dan (and lol at abilash. ).

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