Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog – SEO Jamaica Gathering Sept 15-18 2006.

I’ve been hearing rumors about a SEO Gathering in Jamaica. Today I got a great newsletter from and tucked in there was the info on the Search Bash in September 15-18 in sunny Jamaica.

As Darrin says:

"WebmasterRadio.FM is in the business of communicating…and SearchBash is about doing that in a relaxed, fun environment that you won’t soon forget. "

It’s Jamaica and SEO – Sounds like a smokin great time…what more can be said?

Baking in the sun on the beach sounds like great fun, but I’ll have to pass on this one since our second child in due in mid november.

If you’re a blogger, and are going, bring a pen and paper with you always, least you forget some new ideas 😉 for details.


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  1. Jamaica? How about a Hawaii Searchbash?

    Hi Jim,
    I read somewhere that you’ve been to every state but Hawaii. Is this true? Why not visit Hawaii? Is it on the to-do list or are you just not intrested in visiting?

  2. Dave, yea, I’ve been in 49 states, only Hawaii left….I do want to get over there….I’ve also been thinking of doing a SEO gathering at the grand canyon, and maybe even a seo pow wow in troy NY in Feb again…Give me a good (work) excuse to get to hawaii, and I’ll be packing my bags 😉 …. then again I’m not planning on traveling Sept – Feb (a 6 month travel break)…perhaps after.

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