05 Jun 2006

London – Vacation Days and SEO Nights – Pictures.

London SES

I had a great time at the London SES conference. I get jealous when I hear of people like Matt taking 6 weeks off…man, as a CEO I don’t get much time “off” at all….I don’t think I’ve taken a week off in several years. Hey, maybe it’s a disadvantage of being a CEO – there’s often not time to take big ole long vacations, and having a 17 month old toddler, and another on the way in 5 months, my wife’s idea of a good time is not traveling at the moment….so to me, a conference is part of my “vacation time”.  

To be honest, nowerdays I tend not to attend many sessons, as I’ve seen most speakers several times, and I can learn more “hands on” than in a “classroom setting”….I’m just too fidgety and distracted sitting in a room listening to a speaker….that’s just me…. I’d rather discuss more in debth dirt later at the bar over a few beers.

So at night I do the “SEO networking”, and during the days, I tend to “vacation” on these conference trips.