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Link Building Guide and the DP Co-op Network.

Jim Westergren published a very good link building guide today. (Well worth the read!)

I love most of Jim’s suggestions (he’s a very smart guy)…..but  I wonder about things like Link Vault and the Digitalpoint Co-op….I haven’t tried them…I often hear how wonderful they are (esp the Digitalpoint co-op)…..and sometimes feel like I’m missing out on something….but fear of google one day being able to map these out or finding footprints keeps me from going that route.

What’s your take on DP’s Co-op??


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  1. Your criticism is granted!

    I have studied both of this programs during many months.

    Some important points:

    – Don’t display LV or COOP on your important sites, it is raising red flags. I have 30+ sites and the non-important ones I use to dispay this program to get links to my quality sites.

    – In the last 4 or so SEO contests during the last half a year all the major players used an extreme amount of COOP, a few got banned.

    – It is my philosophy that if you have links coming from all kinds of sources to a site it will be all mixed up and there will not be any patter for Google to follow.

    COOP is not really good for lasting results, it is more for short term risky boosts. But LV I actually recommend but to get any real effect of it you have to get a lot of “vaultage” (10K or more) which is not that easy. But if you have 1 or 2 PR 5-6 low quality sites with more than 10K pages in Google I would definitely give it a go and make use of them to bring links to your good sites.

    PageRank is only good for 2 things, rent links and get links from LV and COOP 🙂

    Thanks for the link btw.

  2. Thanks for the added info Jim – much appreciated!

    Anyone else have experience in DP’s co-op or Link metro or such?

  3. I use COOP on all but one of my sites. Do I recommend it? Yes…um…no. The problem I have is that the amount of inbound links fluctuate, by the thousands, with my sites. And fluctating inbound links are not a good thing IMO.

    On the plus side, I have tons of unrelated and unnatural inbound links. These can be used to seal off different variations of keywords I’m going after (example: “sony playstation 3” and “sony PS3”) and provide a good mix in addition to the natural links I build. It’s like an adreneline shot. I’ve had dominance on one keyword for over 2 years now thanks to the COOP. (but now I’m deadly afraid of making any changes to my coop account).

  4. I agree with running the Co-Op ads on your less than uality sites, for the purpose of getting links for some of your higher quality sites.

    What has been happening recently however, with many lesser quality sites of mine, is during the Big-Daddy “dump thin affiliate pages into supplemental results” thing, guess what- very low to no co-op “weight” is credited to the lo q sites. So this little back-door is on hold for the moment for me, and probably a lot of other people.

  5. All I can tell you are the results. I’ve got one site I use for the DP weight, another money site I point all the links to. It’s done well in MS for months.

    Now my weight site has gone supplemental so I’m not getting the weight. Which means I’ve dropped in MSN. Which would be bad, except all of a sudden the money site is ranking very well in yahoo and starting to creep up on some good terms in Google.

  6. A large number of sites showing coop ads have gone supplemental and lost loads of traffic recently. As a result my coop weight dropped from 3,500 to 200 and its no longer worth having.

    The problem with the coop is that it uses a gif image for validation so all google needs to do is see if the gif image is present on a page and if so then its showing coop ads.

  7. Loads of sites have gone supplemental and it is not because of DP network, it is just G in general.

    Link networks are brilliant using a 3rd party donor site you do not need to place links on your good site. VERY hard for G to detect.

  8. DP Coop may be worth using on general content spam sites, but I’ve removed it from all of my general sites now.

    It’s not really had any real effect on Google for me, though Yahoo! and MSN lap them up.

    Coop started out as a good idea, but I fear it’s little better than a tool for blackhats these days.

  9. I saw on your blog Brian that you are taking links out but TBH it is all about domain. If you point DP at a new domain, nothing can help it.

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