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16 Dec 2008

Am I Risking a Penalty if I Give this Hot Fudge Away?

Dang, it’s after midnight and I’m still at the office again. There’s been 2 cases of Sundaes Best hot fudge sitting on top of my desk that I’m not sure if I should be selfish and give the fudge to the employees (Oh man, I can hear Lisa and Christine and QualityGal saying "Me!", "Me!", "Me!") or if I should try to use this hot fudge for the benefit of… [Read More…]

17 Oct 2008

(TheLisa) SMX East Charity Party Raises $13,000+!

As a brand new member of both We Build Pages and Internet Marketers of New York, I’m really proud to announce that last week’s Charity Party hosted by WBP raised more than $13,000 to benefit the Ronald McDonald House. That’s amazing. It’s even more amazing when you know the back story. Ten days before SMX East was scheduled to begin, Jim heard that IMNY would have to pull its big… [Read More…]

08 Oct 2008

(QualityGal) The Differences Between Good Writers and Great Writers

I have a lot of good writers on my writing team.  I won’t accept average writers, and bad writers make me cringe.  I do have a few really great writers, and I love them all to death.  My goal is to have a whole team full of great writers – either by recruiting those who are already great or molding my good writers into great ones. But how can you… [Read More…]

01 Oct 2008

Charity Party Monday October 6 in NYC

If you’re going to SMX NYC, Be sure the attend This Party which donates to the Ronald McDonald House on Monday Night.  I’m honored to announce that we’re (We Build Pages) hosting the Internet Marketer’s Charity Party next Monday night, October 6, at SMX East in New York City. It’s our first time hosting a charity party, but shouldn’t be our last. The Charity Party will be at the Social… [Read More…]

26 Sep 2008

(NinjaJen) For Google 10th, it’s Tales from Page 10

In honor of Google’s 10th Anniversary Celebration and inspired by the "Google is turning 10. See what’s happened in the past 10 years." Prominently displayed under the search box all week, I decided to take a little excursion into the outer realm of Google’s returns to find a few fun entries and facts from the 10th page of Google’s results for some of its biggest players. GoogleInterestingly enough when you… [Read More…]

23 Sep 2008

Create the Winning Logo and get $200

*** This contest is over. The winner was Risa Borsykowsky, a professional web designer from RB3 Web Design and Search Engine Optimization. Thanks Risa! *** I’m seeking a logo for a new website and foundation called "Give A Little Bit". I can pay $200 for the winning logo… …or… you can get a link on their "Thank-you.htm" page.It will say "Logo created by ….." and will link to your site….hum…is… [Read More…]

19 Sep 2008

Rhea Drysdale Joins We Build Pages – YEA!

Rhea Drysdale Joins We Build Pages!  I’m excited to announce that Rhea Drysdale has joined We Build Pages. I’m sure Rhea, like Pat, will enjoy all that Upstate New York can offer. I know Rhea and her husband are surfers…..shouldn’t be too hard to learn to snowboard …hehe.  Check out the Press Release on Rhea Joining We Build Pages. PS. Stay tuned for more big news like this coming soon… [Read More…]

16 Sep 2008

Google’s Human Reviewers – Matching User’s Intent.

Yesterday QualityGal gave a few thoughts on the recent comments about Michael Gray’s take on Guy Kawasaki accepting a camera for the review…and how they feel Google should treat this (the ole paid link debate stuff). It’s a debate that I’m personally happy to stay out of….though I know how Yahoo would try to treat this…..hey, the world will never be perfect…ya can’t always get what ya want…but if you… [Read More…]

15 Sep 2008

(QualityGal) Graywolf, Guy Kawasaki, and Paid Links Rules that Can’t Be Enforced

As I was leaving a comment on Graywolf’s post about Guy Kawasaki and Link Payola, I realized I had more than a few words to say on the matter. Google’s policy on paid links is impossible to enforce. Or at least it’s impossible to enforce fairly and consistently. If I review an amazing product that was given to me for the purpose of reviewing it, does it make my review… [Read More…]

11 Sep 2008

(QualityGal) We Build Pages opens Content Creation Services to clients again

For several months, our Content Creation Services have been closed to clients.  When my predecessor left the company to move across the country, the "Sorry…" notice appeared to let clients know that the service was no longer available.  When I started, it was up in the air as to whether or not we would offer Content Creation to clients again. But now, We Build Pages has once again opened its… [Read More…]

08 Sep 2008

(QualityGal) Dear SEO Spammers, Please Do Your Homework

Dear SEO Spammers, If you are going to send out emails for your SEO services to get websites to rank on Google and Yahoo, don’t pick a website that is noindexed. (How did you even find it? Oh wait, that’s right. Google indexed it anyways.) Assuming I did want this site (not the site I use for my writers) to rank on the search engines, what do you think about… [Read More…]