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03 Sep 2008

(QualityGal) All I Really Needed to Know About Internet Marketing I Learned In Preschool

My son starts preschool tomorrow. Aside from staying home from the office tomorrow and becoming a basket case (my baby is growing up!) it got me thinking. My son loves to watch Noggin, and they have some amusing promos based on this: Noggin is like preschool on TV. Don’t you wish life was more like preschool? Why yes, I do wish life was more like preschool. Thinking about it, Internet… [Read More…]

28 Aug 2008

(Ninja Jen) 10 Best Things Learned as SES San Jose.

The 10 Best Things Learned at SES San Jose by Ninja Jen SES San Jose 2008, was my first SEO conference and it was an incredible learning experience for a lowly, little ninja like myself. On the night of Webmaster Radio’s Search Bash, Jim Hedger, asked me a question, “What did you learn at SES?” Well, I didn’t get to answer him that night, but I wanted to. Bearing in… [Read More…]

23 Aug 2008

Seeking an Experienced Perl Programmer.

We’re seeking someone who is very experienced in Perl. This job is in Troy New York. You will need to move to Troy New York. No Exceptions. Our ideal candidate: Is fluent in Perl, PHP, SQL, and Javascript (with experience with AJAX) Writes code that is easily understood and maintained by others Can design databases from complex real-world scenarios Is experienced with regular expressions Has basic Linux server administration knowledge… [Read More…]

21 Aug 2008

(QualityGal) Keyword-Rich Domain Names and Sites That Don’t Suck

Kurt Krejny of Fathom SEO is causing a bit of a ruckus on Sphinn with his piece about Domain Name Gaming. Basically, he’s irritated with keyword-rich domain names being bought up and filled with useless content that ranks well. I have to agree. What’s the controversy? First, johnandrews commented that Kurt’s argument is "naive and uninformed." I made a comment about human reviewers to which SpostareDuro replied, "Terrific resolve… in… [Read More…]

15 Aug 2008

SES San Jose 2008 – See ya at Night!

Sunday morning I’m heading out to San Jose for the Search Engine Strategies (SES) conference with 7 other ninjas. I’ve actually got a pretty busy week… Monday night there’s the IMCharity event for the The Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundation and the Childrens Hospital.  I’m also proud to say that we’re one of the sponsors of the event. Tuesday Night there’s the Google Dance. I’ve been at all the google dance’s… [Read More…]

14 Aug 2008

(Non-SEO) Exploring Rocks and Streams and Life.

OK readers….I’m going to warn you…it’s another one of those "after 1am…I’m still at the office" posts …. A Space of my Own – Written May 28, 1988 – (Over 20 years ago), when I was in 11th grade…fyi, I got an 88 on it…I had lots of spelling errors (could you guess?). I remember a time long gone, a time when my only worry was what was going to… [Read More…]

12 Aug 2008

(QualityGal) That page fails at meeting user intent. No, really.

* Jim’s note: Feel free to Sphinn this. Tough love. It’s something I’m going to have to start getting used to as the office consultant on user intent. It’s hard to tell someone – like your boss, or a client – that their keyword targeting campaign is due to fail miserably because it doesn’t match up with user intent. You know, it fails the Your Mom Test. I’m learning a… [Read More…]

06 Aug 2008

(QualityGal) Your mom doesn’t know SEO.

Part of my job, as I understand it, is helping to keep Jim honest. Not to imply that he would ever be intentionally dishonest – nor would most respectable SEO professionals – but I think that, sometimes, it’s easy for SEO folks to lose sight of the people who actually click on the pages they work so hard to get to the top of the rankings. That little thing called… [Read More…]

30 Jul 2008

How should Search Engines treat Paid Links?

Eric Enge did an excellent interview with Priyank Garge, the director of product management for Yahoo Search Technology (YST). The interview was almost exlcusively centered around to topic of "links", and Eric did a great job of asking the right questions, and Priyank gave some great honest insights into his/Yahoo’s view on links. Here’s what Priyank said about paid links: There’s no black and white policy that makes sense in… [Read More…]

30 Jul 2008

I Feel Lucky and have big Dreams, and we’re up to 40 now.

Ok, I’m at the office after midnight again, but I’m taking a break and posting a nostalgic "I’m feeling lucky rant" – hope ya enjoy my happy rant. … At times like these (when I’m at the office late at night working alone – only time I can get things like non-emergencies and emails done) I sit here in amazement… I feel lucky…I do. We’ve grown to 40 employees working… [Read More…]

29 Jul 2008

What if a Human Reviewer Looked at your Backlinks?

So last night I gave my "Quiz" asking you to find the "unnatural" link. I’ll admit it….those pages don’t link to any of our clients, nor to any sites we own 😉 It was really a rhetorical question. The point is…you really couldn’t see what link that might, or might not, have been influenced by a link ninja. You just didn’t know. I actually found those url’s doing some searches… [Read More…]

28 Jul 2008

Jim’s “Where’s the Unnatural Links?” Quiz.

Jim’s Quiz Some of these pages might link to some sites we work with. Can you spot any links that don’t look natural? I’m betting you can’t. ps. and if any of these links do link to any sites we work wth, they are not client sites (but sites we may own)…I’d never put a client site above the radar in a post like this. Do… [Read More…]