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Penalty Removal Service for $50: From Weird Leads Series #JimAndAnn Show

Welcome to our forth edition of weird (sometimes funny) lead stories we are getting at Internet Marketing Ninjas.

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Here’s today’s story:

The Lead:

We used to regularly show up mid-first-page for organic search results; now our site appears to be “blacklisted.” It looks like we suddenly have thousands of bad links directed to our site.

Can you help us fix this and get back onto the first page?

We write our own content, nothing copy/pasted, we don’t spam keywords, we follow as best as we can Google’s guidelines for good content, we optimize our images, price competitively, provide personal customer service, and we’ve been around for over 15 years.

The main issue is that it seems like we’ve been penalized for something, and we’d like to get it fixed.

Thank you!

Budget $50-$250

Our Response:


  • Google penalty diagnostics and backlink analysis is a hard tedious work which is unfortunately priced much higher than that
  • You can’t trust cheap penalty removal services that “guarantee recovery” because they will just remove your links, so you won’t be able to get your rankings back
  • You can’t trust backlink cleaning tools either because they just don’t get all the signals and they will remove good links and keep bad ones
  • There are only a few people in our industry that can be trusted with penalty removal and that service is actually expensive because it’s a hard work and it requires lots of expertise and experience

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