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12 Sep 2017

10 Useful Cheatsheets for Bloggers

Choosing to run a blog is a big decision. Whether it’s a business blog or just a way to make some extra money, it will eventually consume your life. The work you put into it, the joy you feel when it takes off, the frustration when it doesn’t – all of these are part of the natural emotional cycle of the blogger. With so much to do in order to… [Read More…]

17 Nov 2014

10 Blogging Podcasts To Subscribe To

You have been trying for months to give your blog a new edge. You are trying every trick, creating good content, exploiting your social media profiles, connecting with other bloggers, writing regularly, establishing newsletters and pushing for email subscriptions, and the list goes on and on. Welcome to the world of blogging as it stands today; you both have endless tools to get noticed, and less of a chance of… [Read More…]

20 Oct 2014

How To Hire An Online Influencer For Your Company

Your company is looking to expand their content and social marketing strategies, or I assume so if you are reading this post. That’s great! Using content and social media to expand brand awareness and engage with your customers is a fundamental element of marketing in this digitally focused world we now live in. It is also one of the more stable means of advertising, thanks to a highly saturated market… [Read More…]

15 Sep 2014

How To (Better) Reach Out To Bloggers [Updated]

Reaching out to bloggers successfully is easy if you have a well-known name in the industry. What if you are quite new? Building connections with niche bloggers goes a long way when it comes to getting coverage and positive PR. Here are five blogger outreach tips I learned to do the hard way. Make a List Of Dream Bloggers Create a dream list: This is a list of about five… [Read More…]

17 Dec 2013

Kim Krause Berg Predicts 2014 The Year of Buzz (Lightyear)

It seems like yesterday when my idea of fun was making client websites move up and down Alta Vista search results after a  code change and page refresh. December is known for many things, like holidays, days off, fourth quarter taxes and snow.  For we web folks, it’s also a time to analyze and review the consistent and twisted Google roller coaster algorithms and every word Matt Cutts delivered to… [Read More…]

24 Jul 2013

Blog Post Ideas For Pretty Much Any Niche

Have you ever sat down to write a blog post and been completely lost? It happens to all of us, and sometimes it seems as if the more we blog, the more it happens. Writers are constantly trying to think of new things to say. And Online marketers are doing this everyday. The need for fresh content is constant, but thankfully for you, I am going to lay out a… [Read More…]

29 Dec 2011

Serving Up Canned Blog SPAM

Working on the blog for only a little while, I’m still surprised at times that there are close to 500 pieces of SPAM to delete on any given morning.  I know I shouldn’t be.  But I can’t help but wonder why such a wasteful, useless, destructive process still continues.  Then the logical half reminds me that, oh yeah, it’s cheap, easy and extremely difficult to hold people accountable. Blog Comments… [Read More…]

19 Jan 2009

The Simple Guide to Finding Free Images for Your Blog Posts

Last week, I lamented the fact that I’d been beaten to the punch in posting about finding images for blog posts. I sent our bloggers a link to the Smackdown post, but I think that post does a little too much “throat clearing” before it gets to the good stuff. (I say this because I’ve still had a lot of questions about image rights, and I’ve had to remove some… [Read More…]

22 Dec 2008

Six Kickass Writing Resources for Bloggers

Jim believes in the power of blogs.  He started back in 2005, he hired me in October to create the We Build Pages blog (holla!) and, after taking a look at some of the recent contracts, I know he especially loves recommending blogs to clients. If you’ve spent any time in the corporate blogging world, you’ll see that most corporate blogs kind of suck. Two weeks ago we heard… [Read More…]

04 Dec 2008

A Rant On Grammar, Spelling and SEO

Every so often on Twitter (and in life) I find myself in a debate with familiar faces who like to argue with me that grammar and spelling and punctuation are highly-overrated.  They think that they can write how they write and that it is your job to decipher where a new sentence starts, what word they meant to type, and what parts of a phrase they inexplicably left out. I… [Read More…]

26 Nov 2008

Forget Everything You Ever Learned in High School

I stumbled across an interesting read while going through my feed reader this afternoon. Over at Copyblogger, Jim Lodico says Everything I Need To Know About Blogging I Learned In High School. Funny, because I think for me it was the complete opposite. I’ve come to find that in order to be a (mildly) successful blogger I’ve needed to forget all those “really important lessons” that were drilled into me… [Read More…]

20 Nov 2008

InLinks Launches. Here We Go Again.

Yesterday the blogosphere began buzzing with the news that Text Link Ads had launched a new product called InLinks. It’s the latest in “undetectable, non-fingerprint-able” link buying networks and so far it’s been mentioned on TechCrunch, SEOmoz, SEOBook, Shoemoney, Search Engine Roundtable and at Michael Gray’s house of mayhem. Which means Google totally hasn’t heard about it and isn’t watching it like a hawk. There definitely aren’t flocks of Spam… [Read More…]