Bonnie Stefanick
(Left IMN, December 2017)

Bonnie is the Director of Consulting at Internet Marketing Ninjas, leading a multi-talented team that does it all: SEO analysis, conversion analysis, as well as analytics and PPC auditing. Bonnie and her team create search strategies for Internet Marketing Ninjas clients to help improve traffic, and visibility, in search engines as well as create strategies to maximize conversions from existing traffic. She also leads the site auditing process, identifying problems and areas of opportunity both on page and off page and across various traffic sources. Bonnie blogs on the topics of industry news, SEO strategy, information retrieval, SEO tools, and conversion.

A brief biography of Bonnie Stefanick

Before joining Internet Marketing Ninjas, Bonnie honed her public sector skills in the areas of legislative information services and planning. Bonnie holds a dual B.A, Magna Cum Laude, in Public Administration from Rockefeller School of Public Policy and Administration and in Philosophy from SUNY University at Albany. She has completed graduate work in the philosophy of artificial languages and is a member of the Digital Analytics Association.

Bonnie's Previous Speaking Events

Pubcon New Orleans 2013

New Orleans, Louisiana April 22-25, 2013

Wednesday, April 24

3:10 - 4:15PMOrganic Keyword Research & Selection
Speaker: Bonnie Stefanick • Location: Salon A

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