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Archive: June 2006
28 Jun 2006

Dave Child’s Conversion Tips & William Slawski Content Planning.

Dave Child just wrote a nice article called "Ten Ways To Improve Your Website Conversion Rate" My favorite is #8….just today I was looking at one of my clients "suprise redesigns" where they actually thought it was a good idea to make someone get an account in order to view the store….doah!!! 8. Don’t Waste Time One of the biggest mistakes sites make is asking for too much information. Your… [Read More…]

22 Jun 2006

7 Reasons why you should add more content to your website.

7 Good reasons you might want more content for your website. Your homepage has lots of backlinks, but few words on it.(You’re loosing out on your most powerful page. It’s really hard to rank for phrases that don’t appear on the page.) You’ve got 50,000 pages, but only 100 have more than 50 words on them . (You’re risking going supplemental, if you haven’t already). You’ve got the same content… [Read More…]

21 Jun 2006

SEO Content Creation Services – a CEO Post.

I’ve been blogging for 10 months now, and have yet to do a CEO Post (A "Sales" Post). I’ve been happy not having to "push" my services onto other people, but to rather just "give" information "freely" (and as a side result, it’s brought be more qualified leads than even brings in – really a Very pleasant suprise!). But We Build Pages has 2 new services that we’re about to… [Read More…]

11 Jun 2006

Google – a touch of evil.

John Scott wrote an interesting post called "Google’s Moral Superiority". John certainly makes a point with a few picture searches. to: John also adds some strong words with: That’s not evil?The fact that they can pretend it’s nothing more than a business decision is not only evil, it’s racist. Read John’s whole post here.

09 Jun 2006

To the Point of Profit Sharing – Advice?

Where we’ve been to where we’re going. From 1999 to late 2002, the "We" in We Build Pages was Me, Myself, and I. During those day I also waited tables and worked for a few design companies as their "Internet Marketing Specialist". Those years were "lean" but I could always wait tables as many days a week as I needed. In 2003 We Build Pages went up to 9 people (I hired my first employee… [Read More…]

09 Jun 2006

Is it a “Google Dance”? Seeing big shifts.

IncrediBILL always has a way with words, when I saw this title in my feedreader I couldn’t help but see what bill was saying when he said, "Google Dance Makes You Shit Your Pants". Bill was reporting google rankings jumping all around, so I ran to check rankings using Digitialpoint’s ranking tool, and ya….we track about 400 sites and most sites we’re tracking between 3-5 phrases each…and yea….there’s something going… [Read More…]

08 Jun 2006

Tony Hill’s blog kicks ass!

I’ve been enjoying Tony Hill’s blog for several months now….but I’ve got to say that the past 2 months Tony’s been kicking ass with his posts. Just look at some of these from the past 2 months if you haven’t seen them yet. Finding an AdSense or YPN niche that works How to crack AdSense and YPN code in 2 steps More AdSense niche ideas 10 Things I Would Add… [Read More…]

07 Jun 2006

New Pagerank Patent – Jims Abstract Translation.

I just read the Search Engine Journal post about the new Google PageRank Patent. Loren also references Bill Slawski’s blog where he gives us the facts and figures on the patent. The name of this patent is “Method for node ranking in a linked database” (official patent link). AbstractA method assigns importance ranks to nodes in a linked database, such as any database of documents containing citations, the world wide… [Read More…]