16 Apr 2006

RU Going to Boston Webmasterworld Pubcon Too?

WebmasterWorld Pubcon April 18-20 – Boston MA, USA

Tuesday at 9:00 am is the keynote address given by Malcolm Gladwell, the author of The Tipping Point and Blink. I’ve read The Tipping point 1 and 2/3 times (didn’t finish it on my last plane trip I took it on), so it’s certainly a book I’d recommend if you haven’t read it. He’s also written Blink, but it’s still on a book shelf here in the office…maybe the next plane trip I’ll bring it to read (I’m driving to boston).

I wish Brett (and Danny for that matter) would put the keynote addresses, and "important" sessons (hehe, important to me) at the end of the day…and not first thing (9:00) in the morning….yea, I’m one to stay up until 3-4 am often at these conferences, and getting up at 8 just doesn’t always happen for me. (you too?)

I’ll be speaking on "Link Building Campaigns"…and I tell ya…I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on how to do it. I’ve been going to a lot of SEO conferences over the years, and I’ll tell ya, often it’s hard to get some nice knowledge from a speaker who only gets 12-14 minutes to speak….that’s eneough for an "introduction"…but to get "gold knowledge" from someones 12-14 minutes of speaking…rarely happens…sometimes someone can entertain in that time…sometimes someone can put you to sleep in that time…but "learning" often doesn’t happen in that time…..

I want to be different.

The last Pubcon I passed on speaking from the podium, and walked the floor instead (see Lee’s coverage). There I tried to get a message accross of "Aim for real links"…and "shortcuts are dead" and "do things in the "white light""….more just trying to get a "mood" to be in when working on link building.

This time…we’ll this time I’m wondering if I can just jump right into "I’m going to spend 14 minutes covering exactly how I get links…here we go!"… to heck with fancy powerpoint presentations….to heck with "ideas"….it’s the real dirt people want, isn’t it? Isn’t it the "HOW EXACTLY DO YOU DO IT?" that people are seeking? (can it be done in 14 minutes?…I think I’ll at least try!)

So my time slot is up against "The Organic Site Review" with Tim (Yahoo) and Matt (Google)….they’ll tell everyone to not buy links (even if they do), and they’ll tell everyone their pages need more content, and that with wonderful content the world will find your site and link to you naturally and you’ll just naturally get traffic….I’m to the point where I can predict their answers before they answer questions in a site review clinic….

So while they’re over in that room, I’m going to try my best to give 14 minutes of "Here’s how to do a link campaign that’s not full of crap." See how I’d find backlinks for a site, and how I’d ask for this "advertising" and how I’d place this "advertising"…see the stuff I don’t publish on my blog….(how much can I cram into 14 minutes?)….

I think powerpoint is out of the question….maybe fast screenshots… I’ll figure it out between now and then….I always do…and hey, I’m speaking on my birthday which should bring me some luck too!

Are you going to Pubcon?