20 Apr 2006

Back from Boston Pubcon.

Well I’m back from the Boston Webmasterworld Pubcon.  It was a great time…maybe at times too good (at least my head said in the mornings).

I forgot my camera, so I grabbed a disposable the second day and snapped maybe 5-7 pictures. I should have those tomorrow (anyone else have pics?)

My link building sesson went pretty good. I’ve never given the same presentation more than once. I’m constantly experimenting with my 12-14 minutes that we get. This time I decided to show – first mistakes we’ve made in the past, followed by how we get links now (with a few examples). I also asked the bloggers not to comment on the specifics of the presentation since I was getting a bit personal with our practices. (at least 1 person liked it (thanks Peter!)).

Thanks for your time, Shoe(blog naked)Money (and thanks for the white hat!), Dan (I Hate/Love Google) Kramer (Hey, Dan just got interview by SEOBuzzbox, Check it out!), Mike (Shoehorn Stick) Grehan, Christine Churchill, Aaron (traffic power killer) Wall, Peter Davis (Great SEO Blogger, check him out if you haven’t yet), Justin (Chicago) and Brad (eWhisper) , Neil (Engine) , the secret SEO club, Zac (we do pay per click management), Ted Ulle, Glen (wheel), Lynn (Click Newz) Terry, All the "Since 1994" BOTW Guys, Tony (notsleepy), Rae (Sugarrae), Bruce Clay, Darrin and Brandy, Kid Disco,  Roger (Martinibuster), Eric (Mr. Links) Ward, Bill (let’s take a helecopter) Hartzer, Patrick, and I know I’m missing tons more.

Looks like I’m missing the next pubcon in Vegas since my second baby is due that week. The wife just won’t let me go. 😉