25 Nov 2005

Leaving Mother Google and finding other friends.

I was checking out the traffic stats today for webuildpages.com and I got a warm and fuzzy feeling in that it looks like only about 1/3 of our traffic is via search engines today.

To be specific:
Website referrals –         67.40%
Search Engine Referrals – 32.41%

2 years ago about 90% of my traffic was from "Mother Google". That’s a scary thing. I’m feeling lucky that I was able to move beyond Google, and make some real link referral friends. (our free tools was a big help in this effort.)

My stats on search engines seem to be just about average with thier respective % of search traffic.

Google – 73.01%
Yahoo –  20.51%
MSN    –  4.23%

What % of your traffic is from search engines?
What percentage from each search engine do you get?
How old is your site?
What type of site is it? (blog, informational, ecommerce)