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3 Interview Tips to Help you Win a Job.

I recieved an email today (referred from a friend), asking for interviewing advice.  After a brief email exchange I sent him 3 interviewing tips that I believe could greatly help one’s impression during an interview. I thought I’d publish them those on my blog to keep on my short blogging roll I’m on today 😉

#1 – KNOW THE COMPANY you are applying to. Research Research Research…Google, Yahoo, MSN the company name and the top people. See not only what they say, but what others say. Comment and ask questions to the interviewer about what has been written – both good and bad.

#2 – Don’t overstate your knowledge. I ask questions about programming knowledge, and once I hear their answer, I pull out a quiz for them. If you overstated your knowledge, my interview is over.  Don’t be suprised if others give some form of quiz. I side with honesty over knowledge.

#3 – Ask questions. Come prepared with questions too. Remember, we really should be selling each other. Often, the brightest employees, during the interview were selling me, and they made me sell to them as well.
Having questions can show you did researched, you were prepared, and you listened and asked about what was being said in the interview.

What advice would you add?


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