06 Sep 2007

Forward Link SEO Tool – Improved and Free Today.

I know in the past I’ve talked about Forward Links – Because who you link to matters.

We’ve recently been working on tweeking some of our SEO Tools, and I thought I’d show you one addition we’ve added to Forward Link tool.  I came up with the idea to add another column that flags possible problem pages on other sites that you might be linking out to because it makes life easier when you’re reviewing a list of around 500 urls, to know which are the "possible bad ones".

So I came up with a few ideas to flag possible pages you might be linking to, that might be worth a closer look to see if you should continue to link there, or if you should remove that link. A few days ago my programmer added a 4th column to our Forward link tool that now flags possible "problem" pages that you might be linking out to.

Check out the Forward Link SEO Tool, a new improvement from the We Build Pages SEO Tools. It took 12 minutes and 31 seconds to complete a run of www.jimboykin.com through this tool…but it’s worth the wait….you get a nice little summary when it’s finished as well

The Forward Link tool looks at:

1. Who You Link To (what other sites your site links out to).

2. The Title tags of those pages on other sites that you link out to.

3. Shows if that site links back to you (is it Reciprocal?)

4. And now we’ve just added a new column called "Possible Problem Links"
(we flag ’em, you check them and decide if you think it’s a "problem link")

Please don’t ask me how any of this works…it’s all Ninja Secrets 😉

PS. I’ll be gone until Tuesday. Can everyone hold off on making any big news until I come back…I don’t want to miss anything 😉