19 Dec 2005

Desktop or Laptop – which do you prefer?

I’ve been using the same laptop since August of 2002 and little things have been going wrong with it (though overall I’ve been extremly happy with my old Toshiba), but I’ve been getting the feeling that the end might be near so I decided to buy a new laptop tonight.  I recalled a thread on threadwatch back in October where Nick asked for tips on buying a laptop, and I ended up deciding that I’d get the same laptop as Nick got.

I’ve been using laptop computers as my main computer for over 4 years now. I do have a backup desktop at home, and at the office…but that’s it, my desktop is only a backup. Most nights I pack up the laptop and bring it home.

In thinking about it, all our managers at webuildpages also use laptops (we store info online).

Why even use a desktop?…I just can’t see using a desktop for "important" stuff….if it’s important, I want it portable…and I want it wherever I go…at the office, at home, at a conference (and yes, I make backups before each trip in case the computer dies)…and will take more precausions after reading what happened to Bill.

I think desktops are outdated.

Do you use a desktop or a laptop as your main computer? Why?