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Adding content pages – 78 possible topics

Greeting from Vegas again.

Content creation ideas.

I was reading over some forums this morning, and hearing people whine about Matt Cutts saying that buying links (over the radar 😉 and link trading, and 3 way linking isn’t going to pack the punch it once did…and all the ecommerce sites saying, “but hey, I’ve got an ecommerce site…no one will link to me because I’m a store with no content” waa waa.

They’re right. If they don’t have good content, why should anyone link to them?

So what’s the solution? Create good unique content, and add that to your store. Start with free great content, add some “freebies” if you can, give the people link bait.

Once you’ve got that in place, then write (or call) related (but not competitive) sites and strike a deal where they link to you.

Need ideas for content pages?

Write a page for each of the below topics (as many as you can).

  1. Senior
  2. Retirement
  3. indoor
  4. outdoor
  5. buy
  6. deals
  7. stop
  8. safety
  9. home
  10. how to
  11. advice
  12. famous
  13. history of
  14. repair
  15. association
  16. college
  17. science
  18. services
  19. business
  20. research
  21. health
  22. Grants
  23. locations
  24. online
  25. tv
  26. movies
  27. professional
  28. news
  29. advertising
  30. outdoor
  31. songs
  32. clothings
  33. tools
  34. lessons
  35. replacement
  36. chat
  37. songs
  38. marketing
  39. supplies
  40. help
  41. find
  42. benefits of
  43. groups
  44. list of
  45. 2005
  46. books on
  47. buy
  48. business
  49. tips
  50. jobs
  51. pictures of
  52. kids
  53. art
  54. industry
  55. training
  56. rules
  57. stories
  58. parts
  59. agents
  60. compare
  61. workshops
  62. maps
  63. careers
  64. software
  65. learn to
  66. cool
  67. equipment
  68. information
  69. events
  70. forms
  71. vacations
  72. magazines
  73. test
  74. builders
  75. cleaning
  76. sale

So for example, if you were a pool supply company you’d write a page about (just using the first 13 on my list:

  1. Senior Swimming pools or Senior swimming
  2. Retirement resorts with swimmimg pools
  3. indoor swimming pools
  4. outdoor swimming pools
  5. buying a swimming pool
  6. deals on swimming pools
  7. stop someone from drowning in swimming pools
  8. safety tips around swimming pools
  9. home swimming safety
  10. how to do the backstroke
  11. advice on pool cleaning
  12. famous swimmers
  13. history of swimming pools

I realize that not all the topics I listed will work for all sites, but I also know that some of them you could write tons of pages for (“how to” “tips on”, etc).  It’s this good content that will slowly over time bring you the natural backlinks that are the best in the world. Hey, you might even get a natural .edu!

**Ad – If you need writers, we have 26 great writers that write for us. it’s ~$50 per page. Includes 1/2 hour research, 300+ words, and proofread – and you own **end of ad

I’m asking my readers for help in adding to this list. What other phrases could people write on?


11 Responses

  1. Hey Jim,

    In reference to the pages that you suggest we write for our ecommerce sites, do you suggest that we submit any of those as articles to article directories? Or just keep them on our site as original content?

  2. Keep them on your site as original content. If you’re going to write an article for another site, then write it with that other site specifically in mind.

    For example.
    If the swimming pool supply company site was seeking an article published on another site….say on a site about “exercise”, then I’d write an article about the excercise benefits of swimming. Write in the style of that site, and then call the owner and tell him you wrote an article that would be perfect for his readers, and ask if he will publish it.

    Your article should be good real content, with some nice links imbedded within (the nice edu, gov, a pdf, some authority, and a few of your internal links (make it look/be as natural as possible). Keep in mind that few people will publish a “sales page”, and your chances are better with writing a “tips”, or “how to”, or linkbait, or something that adds value to the site you’d be submitting it to.

    Tip: publish your pages as a pdf (I’d think getting links from a pdf would be pretty nice from another site).

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  4. How many times do I have to say this —, 5,000 articles — will pull in close to $50 million in sales this year. 5,000 is not a small number, but neither is the amount of money they make.

    Even Amazon has content — its called product reviews.

  5. Another solid post jim. However, If what someone writes about “senior swimming pools” is not compelling, controversal, timely or otherwise linkworthy they’re still gonna have a crappy time getting people to naturally link to these pages.

    Advice and “How to’s” work well (like this article), but unless your senoirs story is entitled “How many dead seniors Can you fit in a swimming pool?” it’s not gonna get many links.

  6. Quadszilla has a good point. Mediocre content does not attract many links.

    If this is the way search engines are going to play the game (and it looks like they are) then the demand for good writers is going to skyrocket, since every online business is going to need at least one.

    Suddenly, majoring in English doesn’t seem like such a dumb idea…

  7. Quadszilla and esoos, I totally agree. Perhaps my list was made for the “just get some content up…any content, here’s some ideas for possible content”, but yea, the better the link bait, the more links you’re going to really get in the long run. So there’s content, for the sake of content (anyone can write), and there’s “Quality Hook” content (owner is the best expert).

    esoos – yea “suddenly, majoring in English doesn’t seem like such a dumb idea…” that’s funny! Even better is coming up with that “million dollar idea” for each and every website. We had one client whom was able to create a “Holiday” for thier product. That got them on AOL’s homepage for a week, and listings in over 1000 newspapers…now that’s the million dollar “hook”….is there a market for “brainstorming SEO consulting”?…sorry if I strayed some here 😉

  8. Other great phrases, in my opinion, are “consumer satisfaction” “product reliability” or “value for money”. I haven’t seen these very often, so here are some interesting ideas for bloggers.

  9. Jim,

    Are you not blogging anymore? You link building is high quality.

    As for this post, quality content on a constant basis is tough. Maybe WordPress MU is the answer.


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