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All Jim’s SES San Jose 2006 Pictures – where’s yours?

Tonight (or should I say "last night"), I attended the webmasterradio search bash party at Studio 8 in San Jose. I met up with a lot of people I highly respect in the industry, and also caught some sumo wrestling. I’m sure a great time was had by all.

I’ve uploaded tonights pictures and all the other pics I took to flickr. (I left out the scantly clad dancers pictures – sorry everyone!)

There’s a bunch more SES San Jose 2006 pics by others on flickr here.

Did you take any pictures too? (Feel free to link drop to your SES San Jose 2006 picture pages.)

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  1. Jim, for some odd reason most of my pictures came out blurry, off-centered, with fingers blocking the lens or just plain old photos of my hooves on the floor.

    I’ll try to salvage them and upload this weekend.

    In the meantime, let me finish off the week by saying how cool it was to meet up and SES SJ was a blast.

  2. Jim,

    checkout my pics

    Man – what a week! I’m finally back to Austria – exhausting flight, and aprox 5 extra pounds from 4 days party and lots of good original US junk food .. need to work hard on that now 🙂

    A great show with a lot of nice people I met again – too bad I am still wading thru tons of mails, invoices and such here before I can get back to bsiness as usual 🙂

    but it’s worth every minute I spent, every cent I spent!


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