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2 New SEO Tools – Link Value and Spam Value.

I’m a bit late to the gun on mentioning Patricks new Text Link Value Calculator Tool.

I ran it about 25 times….from what I found, the lower price link values seemed very "fair" (between $6/month and $60 month)….but some links were valued at like $650/month…and those seemed way high…We ran this through some of the paid advertising we had for clients, and anything over $100 was flagged for me, where I lowered the value….but overall, I’d grade it a "A" for the values under $100 that it shows…but for values over $100 (something skews some way too high) they need to be "hand" looked at. Thanks Patrick!

The other tool I found through Barry as SEW, it’s called the Search Engine SPAM Detector tool.

I ran a handful of sites through it…and on some I found "Doorway Farms"….hey….I think it’s legit content and not a "doorway farm"….but I can see the "point" (a bunch of links together with keywords in url matching keyword text)….hum…wonder if google thinks this too…something to think about.

I got a kick out of running through the tool…..they using a bunch of hidden text?


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  1. Hey – this is really awesome.

    I guess I’m a son-of-a-bitch though because I have a concern…

    I just found that I should be able to sell site-wide text ads on (which doesn’t yet exist) and generate up to $60.00 a month….

    So…. Easy glich to fix I suppose…. 😉

    John – CTMO

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