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07 Jan 2010

Jim’s Beta Conference Schedule for 2010

I’m starting to put together my travel schedule for 2010… I have Feb and March set… but I’m still deciding on other conferences for all the future months…I really just want to go to 1 conference each month…There’s some of these that I hope to be speaking at as well….guess if I’m speaking on any, that’ll be the one that I’ll be going to that month… Let me know if… [Read More…]

05 Jun 2009

Local: Shelters of Saratoga, One Fine Day Aug 18th 2009

We Build Pages is proud to be the Title Sponsor for Shelters of Saratoga (SOS), One Fine Day event on Aug 18th in Saratoga Springs NY. SOS is the only homeless shelter in Saratoga, Washington, or Warren Counties of New York State. If you’re a local reader, I’d like to invite you to attend this event to help sponsor Shelters of Saratoga (SOS). Join us in the gorgeous Victorian gardens… [Read More…]

05 Dec 2008

Goodbye to the Best Friend I Never Met

Ever since the Internet became popular, there has been a lot of discussion about whether its made us all closer or just more disconnected.  Real connection is possible.  It’s rare, but you can find it.  I never understood it as well as I do right now. I lost a good friend this week.  My writing team knew her as Editor Jen.  A friend for the last 10 years, and my… [Read More…]

30 Oct 2008

Light Behind The Changes At We Build Pages

Bear with me for a moment, okay? I have to go backwards to go forward. I swear I have a point. While the rest of the SEO community was buzzing about SES San Jose and the crazy trapeze people they met at SearchBash, Jim Boykin was quietly planning an industry coup. The man literally went on a hiring spree and began tricking SEO types into trading in their December flip… [Read More…]

27 Oct 2008

Welcome to the We Build Pages Blog!

Hey, hey, SEO blogosphere! Look who’s back in a brand new ninja-filled home. Did you miss me? If not, let me do my ninja dance! Sorry. I couldn’t resist. A couple of weeks ago some friends of mine let you in on one of the worst kept secrets in SEO: I joined We Build Pages! And since then there has been one question on everyone’s mind: Is there going to… [Read More…]