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Google Made Its Algorithm Public: What Will SEOs Do with It?

The exact algorithm Google is using to rank web pages is something many SEOs would want to know. If you’ve read it, how would you change your SEO methods?

Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Ann Smarty, IMN’s analyst, discuss how they would use the information and if it’s even going to be useful.

Doesn’t we know what we need to know already?

We already know what we need to know: You need a genuinely useful and authoritative website to achieve high rankings in Google.

There’s no magic number hidden inside Google’s algorithm that would give you a shortcut to higher rankings.

But let’s pretend you have their whole algorithm to read.

What’s next?

How would you apply that knowledge?

Even if you knew exactly how Google use all their multiple signals, there’s still a question of how to build them.

You will still need to:

  1. Research and create great and useful content for people to read and link to…

2. Figure out ways get those natural backlinks

3. Figure out the way to make those pages user-friendly enough for people to engage with them.

If there had been any shortcuts years ago, there is certainly none today.

Besides, Google algorithm is more than a decade old: I am sure even Googlers are not quite sure exactly how it works and which signals overpower other signals in certain situations.

Stop trying to find a secret source: What you need is a great website that your customers love and other people link to.

And we can help.


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