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The Huge List of Google Employees at Google Plus to Follow

Say what you like about Google Plus, it has one serious advantage: the people involved in Google are on it. Now only are they on the platform, but they are avid users of it. They are also remarkably welcoming to others who want to add them to their circles, and great about keeping up with discussions.

If you are eagerly tracking Google’s trends and want to get an inside look, add these people to a separate circle and check back often!

Sergey Brin: co-founder

Sergey Brin
The co-founder of Google, Sergey Brin was there from the starting point as a simple search engine on a Stanford University server, and moving on to provide multiple services that we know and use today.

Larry Page: co-founder and CEO

Larry Page
The other co-founder of Google. In 2011, Larry Page also became the chief executive at the company after succeeding Eric Schmidt.

Vic Gundotra: Senior Vice President

Vic Gundotra
Former General Manager at Microsoft, Vivek Gundotra is now the Senior Vice President, Social at Google. He has been with the company since 2007.

Bradley Horowitz: Vice President of Product Management

Bradley Horowitz
Former Director of Media Search at Yahoo, and creator of Hack Yahoo. He left Yahoo in 2008 to become Vice President of Product Management at Google, working on their Google+ project.

Jeff Huber: Google X

Jeff Huber
Originally hired on in 2003, Jeff Huber got his start on Google Maps. But in March of 2013, it was announced that he had been moved to Google X. The department deals with secret projects not yet disclosed to the media.

Melissa Daniels: Program Manager for Google Play

Melissa Daniels
Describing herself as an “online community manager”, you may assume that Melissa Daniels is a social media guru. But she is actually the Program Manager for Google Play.

Vanessa Schneider: Geo Media Program Manager

Vanessa Schneider
A former reporter and researcher for Time Inc and The New York Times, Vanessa Schneider has since moved on through Hot Potato and to Google. She has worked two positions during her time at Google, including Community Manager for Maps and Local, and now Geo Media Program Manager.

Ed Chi: Staff Research Scientist at Google (embedded in Google+)


Ed was the Area Manager and a Principal Scientist at Palo Alto Research Center’s Augmented Social Cognition Group. He led the group in understanding how Web2.0 and Social Computing systems help groups of people to remember, think and reason. Ed completed his three degrees (B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.) in 6.5 years from University of Minnesota, and has been doing research on user interface software systems since 1993. He has been featured and quoted in the press, including the Economist, Time Magazine, LA Times, and the Associated Press.

Sundar Pichai: Senior Vice President, Chrome and Apps, Google


Anish Acharya: Product Manager for Google Plus Mobile

Anish Acharya
Getting his start at Amazon as a Software Engineer in 2004, Anish Acharya really hit the technology scene in 2009 when he founded the popular SocialDeck. In 2010, he joined the Google team as Product Manager for Google+ Mobile.

Shimrit Ben-Yair: Product Manager at Google Plus

Shimrit Ben-Yair
Formerly a employee at Apple, working in marketing and the development of the Apple online store, Shimrit Ben-Yair is now a Product Manager at Google+. She has retained the position since 2009.

Frances Haugen: Product Manager

Frances Haugen
Having moved through a couple of positions in Google, Frances Haugen started there as a n Associate Product Manager, moved on to become a Product Manager, switched over to software engineer, and has since become a Product Manager once again. She has been at Google since 2006, following her graduation from Olin College of Engineering.

Jonathan McPhie: Product Manager

Jonathan McPhie
Beginning at Microsoft as a software design engineer, Jonathan McPhie left the company to join Google in 2007. He has been there ever since, working as a Product Manager.

Punit Soni: Vice President and Product Manager for the Motorola Mobility of Google

Punit Soni
Currently the Vice President and Product Manager for the Motorola Mobility sector of Google, Punit Soni is one of the team members who also helped to launch Google+.

Chee Chew: Vice President of Engineering

Chee Chew
Starting out at HP Labs, Chee Chew describes his position there as “Grunt”. He was hired on at Microsoft was a General Manager and Developer in 1993, but left in 2007 to join Google. He is Vice President of Engineering, and has been a part of several Google projects. These include Hangouts and Chrome.

Dave Besbris: Vice President of of Engineering for Google Plus

Dave Besbris
You have Dave Besbris and his team to thank for building Google+. He is currently the Vice President of of Engineering for the social network.

Chris Millikin: System Operation Engineering Manager at Google

Chris Millikin
Former Marine Chris Millikin is the System Operation Engineering Manager at Google. He doesn’t say much about his work on his G+ profile, but he does admit he is only OK at math.

Eric W. Barndollar: Software Engineer

Eric W. Barndollar
Since 2010, Eric Barndollar has been working as a software engineer at Google. However, he went to school majoring in both computer science and music compositiion. He is a composer as well as an engineer, an interesting combination.

James Bogosian: Engineer Manager

James Bogosian
In 2002, James Borosian was hired on at Merck & Co as a software engineer. In 2005, he left to join Vorsite as a sales engineer. But in 2007, he was offered a position at Google as an Engineer Manager, and has been working there ever since.

Andrew Bunner: Software Engineer

Andrew Bunner
Building multiple software projects for Google as a software engineer, Andrew Bunner’s biggest project to date has been Google+ as one of the original team members.

Eric Cattell: Engineer Manager

Eric Cattell
In 2000, Eric Cattell began working for Collegeclub, before moving on to Akonix in 2002. In 2005, he was hired by Google as an Engineer Manager. His focus is social projects, working as a technical lead for Google+ frontend.

John Costigan: Senior Software Engineer

John Costigan
You may have heard of John Costigan under his psudonym, gnuite. He is a graudate of Virginia Tech, where he was an undergrad and grad researcher until moving to SAIC in 2002. He has since worked for Argon ST, and was hired by Google in 2009 as a Senior Software Engineer.

Matt Cutts: Head of Google’s Webspam Team

Matt Cutts
Everyone has used SafeSearch, even if it is just to turn the filter off on Google’s search engine. That first version was written by Matt Cutts, who has been working for Google since 2000 as a software engineer. He is head of Google’s Webspam team.

John Mueller: Webmaster Trends Analyst

John doesn’t talk a lot about his life before Google but he is one of the most helpful Googlers!

Pavan Desikan: Software Engineer

Pavan Desikan
With a PhD in computer science, Pavan Desikan has been on projects all across the board at Google. He is a software engineer who has been a part of Google Search, AdWords, AdSense and Google+.

Kelly Ellis: Software Engineer

Kelly Ellis
Describing her past work experience as being a software engineer at “Some Places”, Kelly Ellis doesn’t provide much information on her time before Google. However, she joined the company in 2010 working on Google+ frontend. She has since moved on to storage and infrastructure.

Trey Harris: Site Reliability Engineer

Trey Harris
Having one of the more extensive resumes on the Google team, Trey Harris has worked for, VA Linux, Morgan Stanley, Amazon, Merrill Lynch, LOPSA (of which he is a co-founder), and finally Google. He has since left his position as the Site Reliability Engineer.

Griff Hazen: Software Engineer

Griff Hazen
Leaving Alaska for California had to be quite the drastic change for Griff Hazen. But that is just what he did, after becoming a software engineer at Google. He maintains that position today.

Matt Keoshkerian: Software Engineer

Matt Keoshkerian
Recieving his internship at Amazon Japan, he moved on to continue in software development at Amazon under 2010. That is when he joined Google and a software engineer, and has been ever since.

Todd Knight: Engineer

Todd Knight
An engineer who started at Chapman Net Systems, Todd Knight has worked for YouTube (pre-Google days), AdMob, and now Google. He also has a picture of himself wearing a snorkel as his profile pic at the time of this writing.

Lan Liu: Software Engineer

Lan Liu
As a software engineer with Google, she has worked in that position since joining the company in 2007. Lan Liu has no other work experience, but announces proudly on her G+ profile that she loves watermellon.

Vincent Mo: Software Engineer

Vincent Mo
In 2007, Vincent Mo joined Google as a software engineer on the Google+ Photos project. He currently maintains that role, though he is also a photographer in his off-time. He has worked for IBM, FexEx, and Lymba.

Dobromir Montauk: Software Engineer

Dobromir Montauk
Working backend tech lead for Google+, Dobromit Montauk has been with Google for several years. Before that he worked for Beres & Baron Media Productions as a Creative Assistant, and was founder of Salsa! Krakow. He is also a startup partner for QuizPro.

Stephen Ng: Software Engineer (Gmail)

Stephen Ng
Working in the tech industry since starting out at Lotus Software in 1987, Stephen Ng has been a member of many teams. Including those at ProfitLogic, Lumigent, and now Google. He joined up in 2006, and is now a software engineer working in Test for Gmail.

Owen Prater: Software Engineer

Owen Prater
Describing himself as a “chair warmer” during his time at Accenture, he left there in 2005. But before that, he was also working for OP-Design, where he has been since 2000. He is also a software engineer for Google, and has been since 2007.

Joseph Smarr: Engineer

Joseph Smarr
Having worked for Sigma Digital Design, WebEx, MedExpert and Plaxo, Joseph Smarr has had his share of experience. Now he is a member of the technical staff for Google, where he codes social media platforms.

Martin Strauss: Engineer

Martin Strauss
Working in the past for both the Deutsche Forschungszentrum fur Kunstliche Intelligenz, and Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Martin Strauss is now an engineer at Google.

Na Tang: Software Engineer

Na Tang
Na Tang is currently a software engineer at Google. She doesn’t share much information on her G+ profile, and has not updated for a year.

Yonatan Zunger: Chief Architect of Google Plus

Yonatan Zunger
As the Chief Architect of Google+, Yonatan Zunger oversaw the general design and technical aspects for the social media platform. He has been at the company since 2003, doing backend work on various projects, such as search ranking and storage.

Michael Hermeston: Global Operations Lead for Web Services

Michael Hermeston
Once upon a time, Michawl Hermeston was a Systems Project Manager at Hewitt Associates. But in 2007 he joined Google, and has worked in Online Sales and Operations, Google+ Consumer Operations, and is now Global Operations Lead for Web Services.

Timothy Jordan: Senior Developer Advocate at Google

Timothy Jordan
With an interesting resume behind him, Timothy Jordan has done everything from teach design and art, to freelancing, to being a talk show host in Santa Cruz as part of KZSC. But now he is Senior Developer Advocate at Google.

Brett Lider: User Experience Designer

Brett Lider
As Product and User Experience Designer, Brett Lider is a big reason for the current design and function of Google+ as it is today. He translates user needs and experience into changes made at the site.

Jonathan Terleski: Designer at Google Plus

Jonathan Terleski
Staff Designer Jonathan Terleski is currently working on the Google+ project. He is a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University.

Julian Harris: Product Manager and Software Developer

Julian Harris
Inventor of ShadowHarp, Julian Harris is a Product Manager and software developer at Google.

Adam Lasnik: Program Manager

Adam Lasnik
Adam Lasnik spent a fair amount of time self employed as a consultant, until he was hired by Google as a Search Evangelist in 2006. In 2010, he was promoted to Program Manager.

Natalie Glance: Tech Lead and Manager for Google Shopping

Natalie Glance
Having worked at Intelliseek, Nielsen BuzzMetrics, BlogPulse, Whizbang! Labs and Xerox, Natalie Glance had a lot of experience as a researcher by the time she was hired on by Google. She is now the Tech Lead and Manager for Google Shopping.

Erick Fejta: Test Engineering Manager

Erick Fejta
Test Engineering Manager Erck Fejta works on the Google Cloud Storage project. Before that he worked for Microsoft, as well as Volt Technical Resources and Intel.

Dave Miller: Sales & Production Strategy

Dave Miller
After spending a year at Red Bull, Dave Miller was hired by Google for Global Mobile Ads, as well as Sales & Production Strategy. He has been there ever since.

Are there any current employees I am missing? Please share!


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