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How to Plan Your Content Creation Strategy?

Content is fundamental to an SEO strategy on many levels.

Content defines your page relevance, creates trust signals, attracts signals, creates a conversion funnel, etc.

How to create a content strategy that helps you achieve all those various goals?

To discuss creating a comprehensive content creation strategy, Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Ann Smarty, IMN’s analyst, invited Duane Forrester, a well-known SEO expert who has over 20 years of direct search and digital marketing experience, including content development, planning ad campaigns, managing ad buys, running e-mail and social media programs and more.

To create an effective content strategy:

  • Create content that sets the foundation of your sales funnel, i.e. your content needs to answer real niche questions
  • Plan content that can attract links, i.e. something that is interesting and exciting as well as useful. In the perfect world, your content should both attract links and convert but this is not always doable. Oftentimes you need to create linkable assets that will attract natural links and build your brand awareness but no necessarily trigger immediate conversions (although all those signals will help your sales funnel in the long run).
  • Create diverse content, including video, audio and visual content
  • Create content that is well-structured and readable
  • Create content that aligns to your target audience

If you are not targeting people you are selling to in your content strategy, you are going to fail right away. If your target audience doesn’t like long-form content, create summaries. If you target people who likes to spend time on Youtube, create solid video content, etc. The consumer doesn’t come to play in your sandbox, you come to play in their sandbox.

How to identify your target market?

  • Use all the tools that are available, including web analytics, on-site search, market research tools like Sparktoro
  • Talk to your customer and sales team
  • Survey your site users or poll your social media audience
  • Do user testing on your website
  • Do focus groups
  • Have converstions with your consumers
  • Create advocacy boards

Hire ninjas to get help creating an effective SEO strategy that will improve your rankings and solidify your sales funnel.


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  1. Hi Ann, I believe being consistent is really one of the most important things you can do for your content. Whether it’s generating new content, updating old content or writing contributor posts, staying consistent is key!

  2. We can learn a lot from you Ann but it’s not that simple, reading your post gives a feeling that you have forgotten how you start blogging. Content is powerful but it has no value when people cannot reach it. so it is easier for you when you have a large audience 🙂

  3. Content is an important part of website pages as well as SEO.

    Make sure that your content is well structured and Readable.
    Creating Content for the user and user engine based on their needs.

    Creation of content that solves a particular or a group of users, and provides valuable and relevant information to a user.

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