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Digital Assets to Get People TALK about You by @JimBoykin at #CZLSF


I am at ClickZ today tweeting and blogging what’s going on here. Here’s my favorite topic: Creating awesome content (digital assets) to generate natural links and traffic – wonderfully presented by our own Jim Boykin.

Digital assets accomplish lots of important goals:

  • They get people TALK about you!
  • They turn your site into a BRAND

=> Create great digital assets that will drive social media shares, links and brand mentions => positive search signals

Types of digital assets: PDFs, polls, eBooks, videos, podcasts, tools, widgets, indepth article, contests….

**BRANDS don’t have to ask for links!

To brainstorm a great digital asset, think about what’s trendy and what your audience will share. Use our free Google Suggest tool to get lost of awesome content ideas people are searching for on Google, Youtube, Bing and Amazon.

Blogging for the sake of blogging is not going to work. Find great topics. Get industry experts an influencers to write for your blog.

Utilize Youtube! It’s the 3d biggest search engine!

Create quizzes: They spread like crazy on social media! Make sure to make the most of the quiz results page to optimize for more shares.

quiz results page

Create indepth academic articles: They acquire natural links and also get a separate placement in Google search results (competitive advantage!) Here’s a free indepth article generator for you to use to markup your indepth articles correctly

Create beautiful pictures: Become part of the visual web that is growing like crazy!

Create and promote infographics! Some may say they are overused but they still work! People love sharing infographics!

Interview experts and niche influencers: Free content plus your interviewee will be happy to promote it!

Cater to people’s emotions:

Tools to help you with LinkBait

  • Create Content that is buzz-worthy:,,, Klout
  • Outreach: In-house, client emails, Follower Wonk, Zoom Profiler, Etc
  • Promote: Paid Stumbles, Facebook Ads, Promoted Tweet, Google Adwords
  • Syndication: Outbrain, Taboola, Zemanta, Pay for Awesome, Viral Content Buzz

Find the original presentation here


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