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3 Domain Search Tools to Bookmark

As the Internet is getting more diverse and real-time, monitoring your reputation is getting even more complex. The following three tools will hopefully add some new sources for your reputation management research:

1. Reddit /domain/

Reddit is getting more and more diverse. Tracking if your site or your brand is being discussed on Reddit is not easy.

  • Your page can be added multiple times
  • There are hundreds of subreddits, so there’s no way to keep an eye on them all

Luckily there’s a way to see ALL discussions around your domain (independent of the subreddit). Add your domain instead of DONAIN.COM below:

Mind that there are two tabs of results you want to keep an eye on:

  • Popular
  • New

Each tab has an RSS feed as well:


Reddit domain search

2. Wikipedia Domain Search

While there’s a small chance your business is mentioned so many times on Wikipedia, that you can’t keep up, that search feature is useful for competitor research and brainstorming:
Wikipedia Domain Search
Check out your domain: Wikipedia domain search (shows which articles of wikipedia reference a particular domain)

3. Pinterest Domain Search

Interacting with people who pin pages from your domain is essential for both building connections and giving those pins a much-needed boost.

Therefore Pinterest domain search is such essential in your Pinterest activity:

Pinterest Domain Search
Use that search to discover friends on Pinterest!

Tip: This tool allows you to subscribe to email alerts of your domain mentions on Pinterest.

Very often the above three domain search results are very surprising and revealing!


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