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Website Security, Facebook Business and Search and a Spanish Lack of Inquisiton

https-ninja-newsSecurity pops ups as a common theme in discussions this week on a few different levels. Talk of website security has been on the front burner since Google wrote about HTTPS as a ranking factor. Other issues of security, choice and prosperity have emerged this week as interesting topics for debate and discussion.

Google Proposes Chrome Browser Marks HTTP Site it Shows as Non Secure

The distinctions between secure and non-secure can be as innocuous as an S in the URL and a lock icon in a browser. This proposed change for Chrome would introduce a much more obvious delineation between Secure vs. Non-secure sites. But if Non-secure” does not mean the same thing as “unsafe” could this new move frighten off users without good reason? That seems to be the general concern of commenters who question how slippery this particular slope could become.

Not-for-profit Lets encrypt advocates for methods for encrypting web traffic to be free and easy

With security changes like those proposed by Google for chrome in the mix, a not-for-profit is offering encryption options that might work for many. According to the “let’s Encrypt” website, their program “automates away all this pain and lets site operators turn on HTTPS with a single click or shell command”. With some big name sponsors on board, this kind of service could contine to garner support.

Polygraph Tests For SEOs

With a whole different angle on security one SEO Company has introduced a polygraph test into their employment process. The concept continues to hornets nest that surrounds the of establishing trust and ethics in the world of SEO. There are numerous opinions on both sides of the debate and this action represents one more wasp in the hive.

The difference, or lackthereof, between ads and content

A step away from the issues of security but solidly in the realm of issues worthy of healthy debate comes a question of Content vs Advertising and the question of whether or not advertisements can be considered content. The conversation is sparked by an article in that posits “What is content, what is an ad, and is it possible to draw a clear distinction?” Can advertisements rise to the level of quality content? Can content be as insubstantial and annoying as advertising? In a search market flooded by both, with the stream only growing could the line eventually become blurred beyond recognition?

Facebook Introduces New Call To Action buttons for business pages

As Facebook develops different ways of dealing with business pages, a new option has arrived that will allow businesses on Facebook to include more direct Calls-to-Action in their profiles. With options like “Book Now”, “Contact Us” and “Sign Up” among others, companies have another exciting way of looking for a return on investment from this channel of social media marketing.

Facebook Drops Microsoft Web Search Results

In other Facebook Related news, the juggernaut social network has decided not to include Bing’s Search engine results on their site. This comes with a along with a re-vamp of Facbook’s own search offerings that include a tool allowing users to more efficiently locate past comments and posts form friends. Many find this latest move as a further indication of Facebook’s growing interest in the expanding their own search technology.

Google News To Close In Spain

On the international stage it looks like Google news could be taking a permanent siesta in Spain. A new Spanish law requires publications to charge services like Google News to even show small snippets of published content. The new policy is not sustainable for Google News, who currently makes no profit on their News service causing them to close down Google News in Spain. As of December 16th, It seems no news really is no bueno news for Googlers in Spain.

If any of these issues got you thinking, be sure to drop your comments on the thread. Here’s hoping everyone has secure and happy Holidays!

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11 Responses

  1. I just wanted to comment and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative keep it up and I’ll be back to read more in the future

  2. I found the Not for profit – Lets Encrypt – section the most valuable and interesting section of this Blog post. I just did not know that such an initiative existed.

    Ever since Google has said that website’s that use https:// will have precedence over http:// I’ve been toying with the idea of getting / using a security certificate.

    The cost is not so much of an issue. What worries me is the changes that I’d have to do on my website when I switch over to https://.

    There is a heck of a lot of extra (hidden) work to be done.

    For example:

    All the pages that have been indexed by Google will now throw 404 Page Not Found errors (or so I imagine). Hence, I’d have to create re-directs in my .htaccess file for all the pages on my website.

    Then monitor those re-directs using Xenu or some other tool regularly.

    Since I have a Joomla driven website, and I use an SEO plugin, I’m really concerned about how to fix every single URL in the SEO plugin so that it work properly.

    I’d also have to make a few appropriate entries in perhaps my robots.txt

    Then ensure that my site map plugin was showing the correct URLs (i.e. start off with https://)

    Have to submit all of this to Google for re-indexing (if considered necessary)

    Little niggling things that I’d have to carefully pre-plan, document and execute carefully so that I’d not get whacked by Google for some other reason entirely after I’ve obligingly switched over to https://

    I’m yet to find a great tutorial telling me, step by step, all that I have to do when I make the switch over to https://

    So for the average John Doe, who is perhaps knowledgeable but technically limited, the changeover to https:// is going to be modestly (to Oh-God!) costly.

    Thanks for the well-researched and elegantly written Blog post, it did add a good deal of value to me.


    Ivan Bayross

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