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What to Do When You See Your Organic Rankings Decline with Bill Hartzer

Diagnosing and fixing a loss in rankings has become much more difficult these days.

In the old days, whenever you saw a drop in rankings, you could identify a problem by looking at a date when that happened.

To discuss diagnosing and fixing a drop in organic rankings and traffic, Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas invited Bill Hartzer, a blogger, SEO, and marketer who started coding HTML websites back in the mid 1990s and has been an SEO expert for more than two decades.

According to Bill, most of rankings drops happen because the site owners did something, like a redesign or a domain change.

Even a slower decline in traffic may have happened because something has changed on the site, especially content change.

When diagnosing a rankings decline, start with checking for technical issues.

After that comes content audit that would include checking for outdated content, loss of focus, on-site expertise, etc.

On-site user experience is another area to check, as well as core web vitals.

How effectively your site topics are interlinked and the site structure is yet another area to look at. In lots of cases, pages lose traffic because they don’t have internal links or because they have gone down your blog archives.

Surfacing products and articles often fixes rankings decline. It is often done by creating more specific categories that would push those internal pages higher in the site architecture.

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