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Google’s FAQ Rich Snippets: Generate More Clicks from Your Current Positions

Google search engine optimization is no longer only about ranking higher. It is also about getting the most of your current positions.

As Google’s search result pages are becoming richer and more diverse, there are ways to yield more clicks from lower rankings without investing in increasing them.

One of those low-hanging-fruit opportunities is Google’s FAQ rich snippets. Jim Boykin, CEO of Internet Marketing Ninjas, and Ann Smarty, IMN’s analyst discuss what FAQ rich snippets are and how to use them to generate more Google search traffic:

What are FAQ rich snippets?

FAQ rich snippets are enhanced snippets that include related questions and answers from the page.

You can generate them by using FAQ schema to point Google to where you answer two or more related questions on the page.

For WordPress users we have developed a free plugin to make it easier: FAQPage schema WordPress plugin

What are the benefits of using FAQ schema?

FAQ rich snippets take up more space in Google’s SERPs, so they are likely to attract more clicks.

One of search studies revealed FAQ rich snippets to be the most clickable (although more studies are needed to confirm this)

Additionally, if you link to your internal (money) pages from inside your answers, Google will pick those up and show in search giving their users more links to click to get to your site:

More links => more clicks!

So far the only requirements for these rich snippets are:

  • Minimum two questions answered on the page
  • Those questions and answers should be visible on the page

Of course, not every page is a good candidate for this code. Think about user intent and whether those questions are going to be helpful to the searcher but this is often an easy and free way to increase your organic search visibility!

Ask our team how else you can increase your organic traffic!


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