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3 Easy Things You Can Tune & Test That Can Help You Rank Better

Easy Things You Can Tune & Test That Can Help You Rank BetterSEO can be overwhelming: You never know where to start.

Let’s take a breath and do something quick:

These small <title> tweaks can help you rank better

Most of the time, websites create their meta <title> templates and forget about them. Meta data is an easy thing to change and an easy thing to test if its working.

A small tweak here can help your rankings for primary and secondary terms targeted on a page and maybe even your CTR’s

  1. Do you include the same keyword twice in your <title>, try a synonymous phrase
  2. Are the same keywords heavily repeated across pages? Try to introduce a new <title> template to vary things up. If you’re not sure, try our free crawl tool to crawl your site and see patterns across <title>’s
  3. Are there any dynamic elements you can add to your title to make them more unique? One example is adding price or including counts of data.

Free On-page SEO Resources

Get a slice of competitive term clicks, without #1 ranking

When most websites focus on a key high volume high CPC term, they focus on a homepage or key landing page getting to position 1 in Google.

Many websites forget to leverage universal search to target that same term. Universal search are results where Google blends search verticals such as video, images, and local results.

Are you taking advantage of universal search to rank for your key terms

  1. Use gliffy or other cool tools to create visualizations for your blog posts and optimize the alt text and caption. If you already have charts and visualizations on your site, optimize those for Google image results.
  2. Research the 10 biggest informational queries (or commercial queries that also may have an informational intent) in your niche and create informational videos about them.
  3. If you’re an ecommerce site, test creating video buyers guides for your top categories and top products and optimize them for video search.
  4. If you target a location, optimize your Google Local listing by adding more than one image or your space – users may see them when they hover over local results on desktop. Don’t lean on just Google Maps and Google Maps Street View to represent your business!

Free Branded SEO Resources: 

Boost Assisted Conversion By Customizing Your Branded Results

Customizing your branded search results makes the journey easier for visitors returning to your site and visitors finding you through TV buys or elsewhere.

Here are some tips

  1. Customize your knowledge box if you have one. You can customize your logo, corporate contacts, social profiles and more – here is a guide from Google
  2. Don’t have a knowledge box, no problem! You can use rel=”publisher” to get a box for your search results. Here is a handy guide for implementation
  3. Customize your sitelinks – Sitelinks are the links pointing to categories in your site when a visitor searches for branded results. Although Google takes a guess at what may be valuable to your visitors, you can demote sitelinks if you see sitelinks that you do not want included. Here is how.

Free Conversion Resources: The Secret To Natural Website Conversions

Any more quick tips for better rankings? Please share them in the comments.


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  1. Is there any problem if we write Title with more than 70 character. and second question is there any problem if we add special characters like @, #, (), [] Etc. in title tag.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jiya Dave

    1. There’s no problem in making titles longer than 70: Not many titles can fit the ~70-char pattern
      Some characters (like those you listed) are fine. Be careful: Make sure they all render fine in the browser

  2. We all want to rank and thank goodness because there are possible ways to achieve that. And thanks to your post because you already explained to us some good and effective tips to do it. Ranking is not that easy to achieve. It takes good management and expert people to attain that goal.

  3. The attention to detail within the information provided here is really key for me. Loved the tips and will definitely be testing out a few of these on my sites.

  4. Although, SEO is a wide field and there are multiple strategies to achieve higher ranking, however, I appreciate the fact that it is a simple, to the point article with a step-by-step guide, especially for the newbie. The beginners in the field of SEO will definitely benefit from the three strategies you’ve discussed here.
    You are doing good work. Best of Luck for future posts.

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