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Category: Local Marketing
07 Feb 2014

“Flawless Consulting” A [book] tool worth adding to your tool set

“Flawless Consulting,” by Peter Block, isn’t your average book. For those who desire to learn and apply the knowledge contained in it, this is a book that has the potential of breathing new life into your business and possibly even your personal life and relationships with people. First, before describing what the book is about, let’s take a moment to define the word “consulting,” Peter Block does a wonderful job… [Read More…]

03 Sep 2013

An Introduction to Local Search Engine Optimization (LSEO) on Google

The search engine optimization landscape has changed significantly since I originally became an “SEO” about fifteen years ago. The “good old days” of the late 1990’s, which were remarkably profitable to me as an early affiliate marketer, have been replaced by increasingly more complex algorithms and constant updates (think Flo-ri-da, Panda, Penguin and too many more to type). Despite the perceived obstacles and land mines, the SEO industry continues to… [Read More…]

12 Dec 2012

4 Tips For Impactful Location Based Pages

Location based pages are a very big part of many many web sites but so often, these tend to be neglected pages and their ability to rank is far less then primary category level landing pages. Below are several quick tips on what to do and what not to do when it comes to giving your location based pages the opportunity to rank. 1. Invest in unique content for these… [Read More…]

09 Feb 2012

Strategies for Local Search Marketing

A famous axiom in Washington, DC, states that “All politics is local.” Well, for the most part, the same can be said for search marketing. Sure, there are exceptions. BMW North America likely cares little about local search, but you can bet each of their dealerships do (or at least, they should!). InterContinental Hotels Group won’t find local search to be all that relevant, although I’d imagine each one of their… [Read More…]

28 Nov 2011

Does anyone know a good restaurant in….? (A Lesson in Local Marketing)

Last summer on the ride home from an amusement park in Springfield, Mass, my stomach started rumbling, letting me know it was time to eat.   I asked my travel companion if he was hungry too – he gave me a big yes – and so the search began. Actually it was an easy search.  While cruising down the highway, I whipped out my handy dandy Droid, pushed the funky looking… [Read More…]