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Where do you see youself in 5 years?

This is a question I often ask during interviews.

I’d like to ask YOU, off the top of your head (just start typing)

Where do you see yourself in 5 years.


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  1. Five years on the internet is a VERY long time. In my experience planning things further than 12 months out turns out to be almost useless, except for very high level plans.

  2. I ask this same question too 😉

    I’d like to own multiple high profit internet properties and be in the position to sell a few off. I agree with graywolf, planning out anything in detail is pretty useless. I’ve made split second decisions which have gone on to become my biggest money makers.

    One thing I think you should be planning out, and thinking five years ahead, is your finances. Put money away because in this business rainy days aren’t uncommon.

  3. Maybe for once teaching you a thing or two about SEO 🙂

    In 5 years I hope to still be in this industry (for my income relys on it right now anyways) but if all goes as planned I should be doing SEO for a few specific niches as a service and still building our own empire of sites that generate income.

    How about you Jim?

  4. In 5 years I’ll be exactly where I am now, but with a larger net worth and 5 years older.

    I’ll be semi-retired and fiddling around with various pet projects. 40 years old will be sweet! 🙂

  5. I’ll probably become a website publicist in a way. In five years or so it’s going to be nearly impossible to have a new website show up in the results due to aging delays and other historical personalization data the search engines are gathering about actual user behavior over time.

    It will become more like the music industry where a mediocre, has-been band like the Rolling Stones gets all the love from radio stations and record labels based purely on past performance data, while thousands of amazing acts can’t get on the radio to save their lives simply because they don’t have the historical data to back them up.

  6. Five years ago I or a bit more than that I started messing with SEO. Five years from now I bet I’ll still be SEOing something in some way or form…

  7. Being able to afford to be on a beach somewhere with a wireless laptop, helping great non profits spread information about themselves to the world.

    I would all so like to be roadracing motorcycles again by then (any sponsors out there:)) Yes i would have to race in the “seniors” class :):)

    Here is my top 7 things I want to help with

    Helping to provide people with knowledge so they can help themselves.

    Clean water to drink
    No more war
    Communication between people so they can see we are all the same, the same fears, goals, and ideas.

    Here is something to think about:
    “If not for myself who am I”
    “If not for others what am I”

    Author unknown

    In the words of Jim from the Food for everyone foundation “It feels good to do good”

    Some of the best minds in Internet marketing in the WORLD read this blog. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself what you can do to help. It feels good to help and frankly it helps me atleast to deal with all the BS from bad people/greedy biz people. I know I am serving a higher purpose.


  8. In 5 years, I hope to be doing the most innovative design and content work on the Web. Is that aiming too high?

    I also want to be apprenticing my children (assuming they are willing) in the family business RATHER THAN going the typical corporate route of big offices, cars, moving to California, and wearing a suit every day.

    I see myself focused on getting results for clients, helping them define the results they need and giving them concrete results.

  9. I was just checking my blog referall stats and I happened to come back to this post… I’ve got a better reply

    5 years from now I hope to be reaping the benefits of the work I’m doing today.

    The reason I say this is based on the other comments here. My question is, how many of you are thinking long term?

  10. If you´re in a job interview, it´s always good to say ´on the other side of the table, where you are asking someone where they´ll be in 5 years.´

    As for me, I have no idea. All I know is that it won´t be working for someone else. I´m almost certain I´ll never have a ¨job¨ again.

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