13 Nov 2006

Pictures of SEO People

We’re still working on the new webuildpages.com (hoping to be released Friday), and still waiting for the new baby (due in 3 days).

Since I see that Nathaniel Broughton has a great Pubcon Drinking Game, for the Pubconference that starts tomorrow in Vegas, I thought it might be a good day to publish my new SEO Pictures Page for those who might not know what the SEO’s on the Drinking List look like.

Since 2002 I’ve had the honor of meeting a lot of SEO’s and Search Engine Reps that I highly admire and respect. Though these pictures aren’t endorsements, here’s our new testimonials page.

Though I’ve met a lot of SEO’s that I’ve got a lot of respect for, there’s still several more I’d like to meet.

I’ll be missing this Pubcon, and I’m missing the SES in Chicago in December due to the new baby in the house.

I will be at SES in NYC in Mid April. See you then!