06 Nov 2005

Screw the Sandbox – Buy an old site.

I’ve gone 5 days without posting….sorry for the silence….I’ve got a new addiction that’s been sucking up my time…I’ve been staying at the office well past midnight, and even when I’m at home, I try to sneak away to my computer to play with my addiction.

So what’s my new addiction? It’s called “Buying Old Websites”, And it’s got me hooked, big time.

In the past 5 day’s I’ve bought 5 domains.

Site 1: A stricly informational site registered in 1996, over 70k backlinks, over 650 backlinks from EDU’s.

Site 2:  An informational website registered in 1995, over 1k backlinks in yahoo, 6 from .edu’s.

Site 3: Site registed in 2001, ~1500 yahoo backlinks, 6 baclinks from edu’s.

Site 4: Site registed in early 2004, ~50 backlinks. (ranks in the top 20 google)

Site 5: Site registered in late 2003, ~50 backlinks. (#7 yahoo)


I’ll admit it, I’m Jim Boykin, and I’m an “Old Site A Holic”

To obtain the 5 above I wrote to about 50 people. I have this little private tool that helps me to find potential sites (don’t ask how), and I sit here running this tool, researching sites ….digging up whois info, and writing….over and over and over….

To heck with buying text links, buying whole sites is so much funner – screw the sandbox.