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Ranking for your name. Do you care?

Do you rank well for your name?

Do you care?

I’ll start…..I do, and I care. Often, If I’m trying to sell someone on "trust me" – I will tell them to Google my name. FYI, I often Google prospective clients, and I google prospective employees.

(FYI, The other Jim Boykin (the tennis player) must hate me. )

–inspired by Simon Heseltine’s post.


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  1. One of the great things about all the user generated web 2.0-ish sites is they let you create your own profile for yourself or your company. If you work it right you can really dominate your own name with multiple listings that you actually control.

  2. Yes. It was much harder for me before I was married as I was Sophie Best. And competing with a music journo in the same town – I think we’re both much happier now 😉

  3. I do not rank for my name, in fact my blog doesn’t rank for what it is about. How come a site all freakin’ about “z-widgets” never ranks for “z-widgets” eh? ;-(

  4. This should knock the dead people down another notch 😉

    We have googled potential merger partners (the employees of) and prospective hires, just to see what came up, it’s not a determining factor in the decision, but it does help you get some public domain background on them.

  5. Hi Jim – been lurking a while now – enjoying your posts! Had to post a comment on this one though.

    This is one I’ve struggled with. I have two websites for my art and I can’t get either of them to rank well for my own name. Admittedly I haven’t done very much to achieve it. I have three sites related to me in the top ten and sixteen related to me in the top 100.

    I’m facing the problem you’ve mentioned in previous posts – domain age. The number one and two site under my name is from 1987!

  6. I care and I do the same like you Jim. Tell the client to google my name in case they have any doubts who I am.

    Googling names can be quite funny and sometimes you dig up some old data of some person 🙂

  7. Well I do rank for my own name and even did a post a while ago on this topic – but thing is, I rank with my BH blog and I am now trying to promote my WH consulting site – and that one is nowhere to be found so far 🙂

  8. I care, but I don’t think there’s a good rational reason. I did feel much better though when I replaced the other Michael Teper at number one. 🙂

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