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Kill Spyware Before it Kills You

Spyware –  most of you have some and don’t even know it.

Spyware can slow your computer down, can give you annoying pop ups, can destroy your computer, can record every keystroke you make (including your passwords), which can destroy your identity and your bank account if you’re not careful.

I use a 4 pronged approach to get rid of (and keep away) spyware. I use all 4 of these since no one seems to be able to find all the spyware crap, but between the 4 they get most. The nice thig is that all 4 of these are FREE.

1. Spybot-Search & Destroy 

2. Lavasoft Ad-Aware

3. Yahoo Toolbar with Anti-Spy 

4. Now you’ll also want a firewall (Google define firewall), and the best (and FREE) one I’ve found is by ZoneAlarm (get the free one here – and will check you computer for spyware first too).

The best advice I could give would be to stay away from "free" downloads (except the ones I mentioned above) esp of things like "weather bugs", P2P programs (Kazaa is an example), free screensavers, etc, as most of those are "free" because they come bundled with some Spyware (that’s why they’re giving you something for free).


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