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Jim’s “Where’s the Unnatural Links?” Quiz.

Jim’s Quiz

Some of these pages might link to some sites we work with.

Can you spot any links that don’t look natural?

I’m betting you can’t.

ps. and if any of these links do link to any sites we work wth, they are not client sites (but sites we may own)…I’d never put a client site above the radar in a post like this.

Do the links you get "blend in" like this? Do you care?


6 Responses

  1. Unnatural as in the only 2 NoFollowed links on

    Or Unnatural as in he didn’t feel that putting links to his dad’d firm and his own were maybe more morally questionable than a genuine citation for a commercial service he *didn’t* have a personal and biased relationship with?

    Personally, I find such weird and slanted ‘anti-ethics’ far more unnatural 🙂

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