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Cat Post: Thinking about History and Travels

I love history….until a few months ago I didn’t have The History Channel at home, and so often on my business trips I’d get back to the hotel room (late), and turn on the history channel and stay up even later learning something about history.

One of the places I’ve always wanted to visit is Stonehenge….and it looks like in a few days I’ll be there. I was spurred on by Danny’s post called Tour Stonehenge The Right Way — Private Access (Danny lives about 5 miles from Stonehenge).

Danny said that with the Private Access:

You’re in the stones, basically. You walk around them, can sit on them, touch them, commune with them, if that’s your style. 

Cool – That’s my style!

So I did some some searches and came up with this tour which includes the private viewing of Stonehenge as well as a trip to Bath.

Spectacularly situated on the steep sides of the valley of the River Avon, Bath is a museum to the Roman and Georgian periods of England’s history. We drive through this elegant city to admire the 18th century architecture, Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge. Then we visit the Roman Baths Museum, where the baths are still filled by the thermal spring waters that gush from the earth below.

On a related/side note…I also purchased a few domains… variations of "Atikythera mechanism" after seeing a bit on the history channel about it this weekend (and finding I have a fasination for gears as well….maybe because I relate it search algorthyms??).

I keep thinking of this quote from George Santayana:

Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

And I think of how much information and history has been lost over the ages….and I think about "backups" of my own information….I think I’m clever having my information stored on CD’s, on computers, on different Hosts….but maybe I should get a big ole stone and start carving stuff….after all…what will really last in 2000 years?


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  1. Stonehenge! Man I am so jealous, I’m looking forward to an amazing flickr photo set 🙂

    Moving everything to digital media is kind of scary long term. Without the right computer, OS and program there’s no rosetta stone fro getting it all back

  2. Hi
    You will love it and get a real sense of history when visiting the stones. I live within reasonable proximity to them (Bournemouth) which is a decent car drive to them.

    Last time I went to see Stonehenge was about six years ago and went during the early summer it was truly an experience, I was taken by a friend who is into all things mystical and practises Shamanism… the experience was great to say the least.

    Hope you enjoy your time there.

  3. Serious envy here too, Jim. I tried to fit in a trip to Stonehenge the last time I went to the UK, but I thought of it too late to make it work with the rest of my schedule. Hope you have a great visit.

  4. Been to Stonehenge, it was OK.

    I found the various castles and Roman buildings in England far more interesting that the pile of rocks. Also, the old cathedrals that are nothing but their stone walls were very interesting, at least it’s something architectural that I could relate to.

    Sorry, Stonehenge looks cool on TV, but in person I was underwhelmed. Don’t know why, it just wasn’t as interesting as I’d thought.

  5. Wow!

    I travel a lot as well. That’s one of my 10 ten places I would like to go.

    I’m fascinated by places like Stonehenge, Easter Island and ancient Egypt. Roam, Athens, Jerusalem and the Great Wall of China also top my list because of the history.

  6. Damn. You just made me drool.

    I’ve always been fascinated by places that have a certain mystery surrounding them. Stonehenge, Easter Island, the Bermuda Triangle, the LOST set…:-)

    If only I get that kind of chance…

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