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Article Submission Services.

I’ve been hearing a lot about Article Submission Services….and I ask myself….why?

If you’ve got an article, and you submit it to a bunch of places, isn’t google going to just toss all of them (except 1) into the "Supplemental Results"?

I guess I might as well go beyond "Article Submission Services" and ask the same question about Press Releases (if you’re doing it for "link value"….and not for the "Press Value").

Why bother? …or am I missing something?


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  1. Articles are more than just backlinks. You should be using articles to spread your knowledge. The links and/or anchor text will help with SEO efforts. Especially if the article gets picked-up by others sites. I just wrote an article about Donald Trump and SEO. If you type Trump Trumped in Google you will see many sites with my article returning results. Or try “get un-banned from Google”. My articles as well. Remember articles help brand your company, drive quality traffic and help with SEO. If you do it for the SEO efforts. I suggest putting the article on your blog or site first until the page is indexed. This way Google knows it came from your site first.

  2. Send out 1 article a month for 6 months. Look at who’s picking them up, and filter out the low quality sites. Contact the quality site owners and ask if they want a original and unique article.

  3. How much of an article would need to be significantly different in your opinion to stay out of the supplemental results. For example… This post can be written several different ways to say the about the same thing.

    Does it help to use Article submission services?
    Why bother with article submission services?
    Have you benefited from Article submission services?

    In your opinion… Can you just rearrange the paragraphs and a few sentences or does it require a complete rewrite?

    I also agree with Mr. SEO. I read his article on the Trump Travel website because a friend read it and emailed a link to me. I instantly recognized it as an article submission but it wasn’t so obvious to the person who sent me the link. (Job well done)


  4. The funny thing about that article was made to reach Donald Trump and it DID! The power of articles have more of a reach then people think. Article submission services are only good if your article is posted on a site and all links active. I am not fond of email groups. The problem there is you need to be a member to submit. So most people on the list are only looking to move their content. They may never read your content and even less that they will post it on the net.

    I offer a service that submit article sup to 150+ sites. Many are article warehouse types. Others are high traffic authority sites. That Trump article was picked up to over 600 sites. The purpose of writing articles is to create awareness and buzz. SEO is a side benefit.

    Re-arranging content and submitting it, to me is just another form of spam. Articles should be informative and useful. People know me from my articles. If you read that Trump article a month from now with a different title and a paragraph or two re-arranged, what would you think of me?
    You may think I am not a true professional or SEO guy you thought I was. Articles build trust between you and the reader. They made reader 3 or 4 articles before they contact you. If they read the same one re-arranged you’ll lose them.

  5. Thanks Mr SEO but I’m just interested in the question Jim posed about avoiding a duplicate content filters and the supplemental results to maximize results.

    I’m also reasonably sure that many of the article submission websites have their own flavor and customizing the article to the site demographic could be a benefit anyway. I’m also sure the article sites would appreciate the extra effort because they’re trying to monetize the traffic.

    If you had rearranged the Trump article several times, I would likely have never noticed it. I would have assumed it was the same as the first version and never read the second or third one.

  6. I suppose you could do that but then it would be spam. You are not offering anything new or worthy. Unless you had one version on your site and another version you use to submit. This one only one version is on your site. I wouldn’t use 3 version of the same article and submit it over the Internet.

    I hope I answered your question. My experience is duplicated content only effects the same content on a single domain. 70% or more of the same content on a domain is duplicate content. As I stated in my first post here my articles all some up on several keyphrases and they are are all from the same article on different sites.

  7. If an article with a link in it is comming from a relevant site with 99% diffrent relevant content I would say that the dup content penalty is minimal.

    Its all about quality content for the reader /client, networks, neighborhoods and relevance.

    So if the article is high quality relevant and provides some solid information it should help everyone who publishes it and the writer. I suggest 1000 words plus to start.

    A high quality “lesson” article will get links for years to come.
    Dup content be dammed.

    The Internet is based on content. Which links to other content.

    I submitt an article or work to 3 submission sites and leave it at that.


  8. Hi Jim,

    This will probably be considered biased, considering that I offer article submission services, but the truth is article submission works very well.

    The key to successful article submission for link building is building a quality article.

    Quality articles get picked up by quality sites.

    Take a look at an article that we wrote about 6 months ago

    It is now published on hundreds and hundreds of sites, of which almost all of them have links to us.

    As for the duplicate content issue, I have found that over time only the low quality sites that are hosting your articles fall to the wayside. If the site that is hosting your article is a quality site then the page will remained indexed and the link on that page will continue to count towards your backlinks.

    There is another very great side effect of writing a great article and getting it posted on lots of sites. Branding

    Off of the example article above Textlinkbrokers received many links outside of the links that are included in each article. For example, Rand at SEOmoz made a comment about our article on his site and linked back to TLB. The indirect links that are obtained from the “Branding” effect of articles is even more powerful then the links obtained from the articles themselves.

    Once again, the key to a successful article program is “Create the highest quality article possible”.

  9. Article distributions are about branding and setting yourself up as an authority. But like Graywolf said, see who picks up the article and see if they want a unique version of that article for themselves. Is that spam? No way… Ever listen to the news for a couple of hours straight? You hear the same story over and over but each time it’s slightly different. No shame in that.

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