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We’re Hiring Talented Programmers in Clifton Park, NY

Seeking Experienced Web Programmers

This is a 40 hour/week job at our office in Clifton Park, NY. To apply, you must be willing to work at our office.

We’re a Perl shop, looking for experienced programmers.  If you have a desire to work in Perl, are agile, and are looking for a fun, relaxed (yet high paced!) place to work, then come join our team.  Do you have 3+ years programming in another language?  If you’re willing to learn Perl (quickly), we’d love to talk with you too.

Three years + of programming experience (preferably Perl), and database experience are required.

Ideal candidates:

• have at least three years of Perl/PHP/Python/Ruby/? development experience
• have experience using Regular Expressions
• have experience with Apache/mod_rewrite
• can design databases from complex real-world scenarios
• can design and develop programs based on end-user description of their needs
• write well documented code that is easy to read
• can work both independently and as part of a team
• have the ability to multitask and prioritize.

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, and AJAX experience a plus.

Benefits Include Health & Dental Insurance, Paid Vacations, Paid Holidays & Paid Personal days.

To apply please submit your résumé along with the answers to the the following questions in your cover letter and send to jobs -at-

1. What date could you start
2. What are your salary requirements? (do not write “Negotiable”).
3. How many words can you type per minute?
5. Why are you a good fit for this job?
6. List some URL’s of live examples of your work and attach code samples.
7. Where do you live, and are you willing to move to Clifton Park New York?

Clifton Park is between Albany and Saratoga New York. You MUST work at our office 40 hours per week. Please do NOT apply if you are not willing to move to upstate NY.


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