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Paid Links Won’t Count – But Others Will….so they say.

Tonight I was reading about the key takeaways from Matt’s talk at pubcon by Barry on searchengineland (sorry I didn’t make it to Matt’s talk…but hey, he didn’t show up at mine either so I guess we’re even 🙂 ) ….but anyways, one of the things that Barry said that Matt said was:

“They are looking in tools to block just paid links and the other links would count “

I remember Yahoo talking about being able to detect paid links back in July of 2008 (but how Yahoo treated paid links was different than Google) . Now looks like Google is getting around to building some tools…

So, when Google has those tool all set then I guess people wouldn’t have to worry about nofollowing paid links or getting penalized for buying links…or fake pagerank show for sites who sell links….google will have this tool to block the paid links on any page and will let all the other links count….cool beans!

Just kidding Matt…. Thou Shall Not Buy Links Folks…..if you buy links you could get penalized….unless this new google tool is so cool that google wouldn’t mind if you bought or sold links…they’d know about them with this tool….

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