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Analyzing and Disavowing – The Sound of Silence

The past few months I’ve been doing a lot of link analysis for doing Google Disavows for websites. With Penguin now penalizing site for unnatural links, and with me speaking often about Penguin at conferences, and me being “the link guy”, a lot of companies have been coming to us for solutions after they’ve been hit by Google’s Penguin Update, and now they need to perform a Disavow and/or a reconsideration request to Google.

We’ve built several private tools for the analysis of Backlinks, for the purpose of analyzing links and then creating a disavow document for sites who have been effected by Penguin updates or exact match penalties, or other various penalties which a site could have.

Sure, I’ve used most of the link analysis tools on the market now, but I have issues with all of them…they all have some serious flaws with how the analysis is done in my eyes. (ie, something “toxic” could be great, and something “green light” might be red in my eyes)…it really does take an analyst to analyze backlink patterns, and it takes a human eye with a lot of link building knowledge to decide what to keep, and what to disavow…one wrong move could f**k your site up more than it already is, it’s going to be no fun if you “recover” only to not know it because you removed so many “good” links…it’s something that so far, I’ve been doing them ALL myself…sure, I have people with years of link building experience here who I know could do a great job of analyzing these links, but this so something so important here that I’ve yet to let this work go into anyone hands but my own. And even with my 14+ years of focusing on “Links” inside of SEO, and using my own private advanced analysis tools,  it’s still going to take me anywhere usually from 3-6 hours to review the backlinks to decide on what goes and what stays….

There is no push button solution, and if you think there is, you’re apt to F**k up your site even worse than what penguin has already done to it.

We have 2 unique big backlink sorting tools that I use for my analysis, and about 15 stand alone tools which I use when analyzing which links to keep, or which to disavow. One of these big sorting tools I’m ready to give away…maybe even tomorrow…this one particular tool alone isn’t the most amazing backlink analyzer in the world, but I feel that it’s as good as anything on the market now (in some ways, better in some ways than others on the market now….and our tool I’ll give you for free).. I’m keeping all the other tools I’ve built for analyzing backlinks for the purpose of disavowing to myself for the moment…but I’ll be giving away more free backlink analysis tools in the near future.

But anyways, like I was saying, I’ve been doing a lot of analyzing of backlinks for the purpose of submitting a document of disavowed links to the Google disavow tool in Webmaster Tools…and I’ve often been at the office late at night analyzing for disavowing.

This morning I found myself singing the lyrics to “The Sound of Silence”, by Simon and Garfunkle, but changing the words to be about my “Analyzing and Disavowing” (like I often do (Prior parodies: Don’t Show Your Sites To Matt & The Linker)).

“The Sound of Silence”, that I hacked into “Analyzing and Disavowing”

Hello Google, my old friend
I’m come to talk about you again
Because analyzing links for keeping
Has me working late at night Disavowing when I should be sleeping
Because these links, that you planted in Webmaster Tools
Can cause confusion.
Sometimes when I’m Analyzing for Disavowing

Nights at the office I work alone
Analyzing backlinks to the bone
Using my monitor as my night time lamp
When I see “spam” my hands get cold and damp
When finished disavowing to get rid of all that’s not white
I tell them, “No more short tail fight”
unless you want to pay again for Analyzing and Disavowing

Looking at Webmaster Tools backlinks I often see
Ten thousand scrapers, maybe more
Links nofollowed? Should I be keeping?
Links from 404’s, is the spider sleeping?
Links from DMOZ scrapers, does Google really care?
And 50% of the links, can you believe, are not really there.
In all my Analyzing and Disavowing

“Fools”, said I, “You must know
The real backlinks that my site really shows
Do you need Majestic, Moz, or can I to teach you
How to show backlinks, will my words ever reach you.
But I know, I know my words,  fall on deaf ears
for it appears
They want us, Analyzing and Disavowing

And so the people nofollowed and disavowed
For the Google God that they had made
And Google flashed out it’s warning
In the SERP’s that it was showing
And the sign said, “It’s a Brand Game Now, There aint no more Mom and Pops
otherwise our algorithm often flops”
Keep doing your Analyzing and Disavowing.


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