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Viral Content Fun: How to Create Fake Twitter and Facebook Conversations

How to Create Fake Twitter and Facebook ConversationsYou have probably seen fake Facebook or Twitter conversations all over the web. From countries speaking to one another through World War II, to fictional characters interacting as though they existed in the real world, these are very popular images that spread like wildfire from one social media site to another.

There are two ways these can be useful little images. On one hand, they are just a really fun little graphic that you can use to make people laugh, convey an inside joke, or anything else you might enjoy. Fans of TV shows, book and movie series and video games have been making them for ages.

On the other hand, you can also use these images for marketing purposes, or for engaging a certain demographic. Since they are highly shareable, all it takes is a watermark for your website and you have a graphic that is sure to make the rounds and get your name out. “NFL QB’s Talkin’ On Facebook” is a great example! They didn’t need any fancy design skills on investment in that linkbait. All they used was the fake Facebook conversations tool and some good time brainstorming.

Whatever you are using it for, here are some tools to help you make your own fake Facebook and Twitter posts. You can even do it for free, and no downloads required!

The Wall Machine

The Wall Machine

Probably the most well known of Facebook simulator tools, this one is responsible for many of the different versions you see floating around the web. It doesn’t require you to make an account, but you do have to connect through your Facebook page. Once you have done so, it give you access to its tools.

What you will see is a blank version of a Facebook wall post. You can edit any part, from the name and photo to the actual text. Add comments and customize the users who are saying them. On the bottom is a list of additional items, including other wall posts, photos, friend announcements, relationship announcements, like buttons and events. You can make it as long or as short as you like.

Once you are done, just hit save, add a description and tags and post it to your wall. You can make it either private or public.



No connection to your account is needed for this one. Create a fake tweet by adding in the user name, tweet text, number of retweets and favorites, and a few other minor details to make it more realistic. All of this is done from the front page, and one you save it you will be given an image to save on your desktop, or share out by link.

This tool doesn’t have that many features, but it gets the job done fast and easy. I would also say that it is the best Twitter generator out there, as most leave something to be desired. Plus, the name is pretty catchy, don’t you think?



This one is a bit different, as it isn’t used for making wall posts. Instead, it is for making a full profile for a fictional or historical character. Originally marketed towards educators for use in the classroom, it is a neat piece of technology.

You can add information such as the user name, date of birth, family, friends, Facebook wall posts and more.

One downside is that it is not updated to look like the most recent version of Timeline. So it won’t look realistic.


Fake Facebook Status

Simitator has several generators for your use, including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo answers, tattoos, iPhone text and more. But it is their social media ones that are the most popular, and have the best features.

Everything is presented as a text box, which you can fill in to change the previous image. Put in photos for users, likes, comments and the time in which is was made. There aren’t as many options as The Wall Machine, but it is simpler to use. The end result is very real looking.

The Yahoo Answers generator is worth a look and it has been gaining some traction lately.


It is a lot of fun to make fake Facebook and Twitter conversations, and there are so many tools to do it that there is no reason you can’t make your own. Do you know of any good generators out there that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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